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Jaibala/ May 17, 2015/ Sponsored

Shopping for clothes is a big deal and there are many things to be considered before you shop.

You need company; sisters, best friends, moms. That one person who knows your likes and dislikes as much as you do or at least will live through the entire that shopping with you just cause they love you that much. That person who is ready to accompany you, to store after store as you try on clothes and go back to the very first one to finally purchase a top. They also are the ones who help you carry all our bags once you are done purchasing, and complain of aching legs. Or the reluctant company whom you drag to the mall to mostly carry your stuff.

You also need the offers and sales, with the best deals and discounts. With sales you need to be ready start early, have a definite plan and line up outside the mall/store so that you are the first ones in. Cause God forbid someone gets their hand on the dress that you had eyes on all season.


You also wish you had a stylist, who could choose what looks best on us and decide how to accessorise and pair it with stuff. And while doing so how about that person would also shop for you as well? Your very own personal shopper. Who does not want that?

What if I told you all this and more could be done with the Myntra App. Yes Myntra has gone App exclusive and it is providing with the best. A profile that saves and stores your likes and dislikes, a wish list and a shortlist, delivery, recommendations based on your preferences, discounts and offers all the time. And all this from where ever you are, at home, on the road, at work. Whenever you can think of shopping, you have the best brands and a great shopping experience under your fingertips.

Why App only, well there isn’t something that is as personal as a phone and the app is creating a personal experience accessible anywhere and everywhere. It is like having a shopping bestie, who will be with you always. Whenever the urge for shopping strikes, have no fear the app is always there. Ultimately Shopping is important and #itspersonal.


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