2016: Intermission

Jaibala/ July 6, 2016/ Musings

Half the year has gone by, and like any other thing these 6 months had its ups and downs. Some plans worked, some failed miserably and along with the highs there were a lot of heartbreaks. The most important thing is that I am grateful for all of it, each and everything because these were some of the important lessons I learnt from this first half of 2016.

The biggest revelation was that I don’t necessarily have to be loud and angry to be heard.  Simple isn’t it! But it took me a whole lot of time to learn and the person who taught me this is S. Yes he has turned me into this mellow sweet mom from the screaming Banshee mom that I used to be. And guess what things get done so much more easily now. Especially when I apply the same lesson to him during one of his tantrums. What! If I can’t scream, he does not get to scream too, right?

Being ditched and on your back foot is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes your greatest moment of glory comes from your biggest setback. Also you get the biggest lesson in life by your reaction to things under pressure. And I was so glad to have realised I have grown up. Being an adult sometimes is very important to survive this world, even though it is the most disliked thing to do. So it was great to find out that I have adulting capabilities.

It has been a year bad decisions, all over it seems.  Presidential candidates that belong in circuses, Monetary defaulters who can escape whenever they wish to and certain referendums that pose a huge economic threat to the world in general are all things that point a finger in that direction. It has for sure been a year of hate and violence. The crimes ever so gruesome and the rise in the number of terrorist attacks have all left me numb. It is the helplessness and the inability of doing something constructive, at least the circus acts can be called out for what they really are, but for the most part we are left stunned at our own inability to change or control some aspects that hurt and torture us emotionally.

I also saw the growing business of negativity and offence this year. You know the kind where people feed on the negatives and ignore the positives. Fear and belittling became the norm and everything that was even remotely positive was scrutinised as ‘too good to be true’ incidents. It was not the time of the birth of the Troll but it sure was the time of the rise of the TROLL

The best example is the growing debate on feminism. I see so many people denouncing the word without even knowing its meaning. I see so many others judging people based on what they perceive feminism to be. And that is when it hit me, most people don’t know what they are talking about. I mean when someone compares feminism and chauvinism as equal, you know that people have no clue and just make it their business to troll others.

Which brings me to the next point, we as people have such mixed up priorities and it could not have been truer anymore than what it was this year.  We debate a selfie that is taken in a drought affected area rather than the drought itself. We spend more time talking about killers and terrorists rather than talking about the heroes and survivors. And we are ready to hang comedians for doing their job but neither do we punish people who commit gruesome horrible crimes nor do we hold people accountable for not doing their jobs right. People complain of flooding in the rains, but no one wants to dispose the garbage properly.  People complain of traffic jams but at the same time will neither follow the rules nor ride on the road. The foot path is the bike lane these days.

We all are great complainers, and we know how to point fingers at everything but ourselves. The simple way to bring about change is to change your perspective. While I agree, there has been a large degree of apathy from the governance point of view, but have we all fulfilled every duty we have. We all have enough time to debate on social media over irresponsible statements passed by others, but have we ever checked ourselves for responsible behaviour.


But, in spite of all this, I still believe in people. Why? Because I am surrounded by some of the nicest people. I know! Lucky me. I have seen them do good, selflessly and unconditionally and try to make a difference in their own way. It takes a big heart and a strong mind to do even some of what these amazing people are doing and achieving and they are my biggest inspiration, my faith and hope and my strongest support. And to them I say a heartfelt Thank You for just being who you are to me.

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