21 Things You Probably Knew About Me

Jaibala/ November 2, 2016/ Musings

From hardly ever taking up tags to doing this second one on the blog. The prompt says 21 random things about me. For most of my readers it will be things you probably knew. So here goes:

  1. I can speak 5 (English, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada and Gujarati) languages and understand 7 (the five I speak plus  a little bit of Punjabi and Malayalam)
  2. A spiritual being, I do not believe in organised religion at all.
  3. I am an eggitarian. Dont eat meat because I dont like meat
  4. I actually look forward to the day Karela and Baingan is cooked in my house. Love them both.
  5. A hard disk I own has about 120 GB of songs and 100 GB of Movies
  6. I also own the DVD of Saawaryia and have watched some of the cheesiest movies ever
  7. You name a hindi song and I could probably tell you which movie it was from, without having to google. Same for English.
  8. You might have gathered that I am the biggest movie buff ever. People call me a chalta firta TV/ Movie guide
  9. I am probably humming a song as I write this.
  10. I think cooking is therapeutic, but I hate to enter the kitchen on most days.
  11. Sometimes I wish I had written Gone With The Wind or Pride and Prejudice.
  12. I add words when I edit, rather than reducing them.
  13. Phone call over DM/PM for me any day. I love personal interaction over social media Interaction.
  14. I dream of being like Shonda Rhimes and/or Varun Grover one day.
  15.  Gym is the place where I can clear my mind everyday.
  16. I am a huge fan of Stand Up Comedy.
  17. I love Origami and I love giving cards and things made with paper to people I love.
  18. Having attempted the NANoWriMo thrice, I have won it twice.
  19. I hate posing for pictures.
  20. I have been blogging for three years now, yesterday was my third blogverasry
  21. Blog, Money and You is an ecourse for beginner bloggers that I have launched. Check out the details here.

So these are the 21 most random things about me. I did like writing this, I hope you love reading these facts.

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