Early Womanhood?

Jaibala/ July 27, 2014/ Poetry/ 8 comments

They said I should be happy,

I could skip if I may,

My Mama said “You might,

Get some chocolates tonight,”



I wondered, “Why today is different

From any other day?”

“You will transform into a woman,”

That is what my mama said.



I was led into the darkened room,

I saw the village barber there,

His blades he was sharpening,

And some special tools they were,



On floor there was a spot cleaned,

That is where Daddy asked me to lay,

As I stood rooted, unmoved, my Daddy

Pushed me on the ground and tears, flowed abound,



This was the moment I knew,

I was fooled, conned, into doing

Something that was not right,

Though I never knew how heinous it might,



Low voices was all I could hear,

As I dared asked “What will happen tonight?”

“Did you mama not tell you,” Β his laugh so evil,

“You will be a Woman tonight.”



In the darkness I could not see,

The candle, just lit the barbers sight,

The chants, louder, began to hurt my ears,

Nothing could compare to what came next,



A hand pulled my skirt up,

A hand pulled my legs wide,

Two hands held them tight,

The butcher held the tool in his hand,



I cried before the blade could cut,

I howled at the pain so raw,

I begged for help, none came but,

I looked for mama, as I lost consciousness,



I heard mama crying when I woke up next,

The muddy floor, feared, soaked blood red,

Her hands were wiping off the sweat,

I felt unclean, not a woman yet,



I felt only pain, as I drifted in and out of sleep,

When I was awake, only strong enough to weep,

Some days, forty they say, spent this way,

But a whole lifetime, of being alive yet feeling dead,



Now I know this is the fate,

Of so many girls, women they make,

I promise myself as long as I live,

Another girl shall not pass to early womanhood.

Female Genital Mutilation, Is real and true and is plaguing millions of girls world wide. When I first wrote about it, in the story Failed Determination, my sole agenda was to raise awareness. A few bloggers and friends did their own bit, Vinay with his heart wrenching pieces Darkness and In Her Eyes, Bhavya with a very touching tale of hope The Escape Route, and Nirmal with a hard hitting Unforgivable Present.

This post is born out of a simmering emotional, helpless anger. I cant even begin to imagine what those girls might feel. But this is my attempt to understand that.

Today I would Like to appeal to you , to take a pledge to stop this barbarism. The Girl Summit 2014, aims at raising awareness about the act and pledging support towards eradication of Child marriage and FGM/C. Please do visit the link and take the pledge and spread the word and Give a voice to the millions of girls that go through this barbarism.

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  1. I’ve told you my thoughts on this. Sad customs, sad post.

    1. I agree. I just wish it would end πŸ™‚

  2. This was as raw as it ought to have been Jai. Such ugliness must be exposed for what it is, not allowed to be hidden behind weak words and weaker wills.

    Kudos! This made me grit my teeth!

    1. I agree. It needs to be spoken about, exposed truly for what it truly is. I am glad that you think I managed to do it.

  3. You have written it so eloquently! I could feel the little girl’s pain!! πŸ™
    sigh! So so sad

    1. It is very sad. And you know how much I have struggled with this. I hope it makes a little bit of a difference.

  4. Ohh my god! I am still in tears…this time I read it till the last line and I am glad. You brought out the pain so well Jai!

    1. Sorry to make you cry Sfurti. But yes, I did try to bring out the pain and confusion that so many girls must be feeling.

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