Early Womanhood?

Jaibala/ July 27, 2014/ Poetry

They said I should be happy,

I could skip if I may,

My Mama said “You might,

Get some chocolates tonight,”



I wondered, “Why today is different

From any other day?”

“You will transform into a woman,”

That is what my mama said.



I was led into the darkened room,

I saw the village barber there,

His blades he was sharpening,

And some special tools they were,



On floor there was a spot cleaned,

That is where Daddy asked me to lay,

As I stood rooted, unmoved, my Daddy

Pushed me on the ground and tears, flowed abound,



This was the moment I knew,

I was fooled, conned, into doing

Something that was not right,

Though I never knew how heinous it might,



Low voices was all I could hear,

As I dared asked “What will happen tonight?”

“Did you mama not tell you,”  his laugh so evil,

“You will be a Woman tonight.”



In the darkness I could not see,

The candle, just lit the barbers sight,

The chants, louder, began to hurt my ears,

Nothing could compare to what came next,



A hand pulled my skirt up,

A hand pulled my legs wide,

Two hands held them tight,

The butcher held the tool in his hand,



I cried before the blade could cut,

I howled at the pain so raw,

I begged for help, none came but,

I looked for mama, as I lost consciousness,



I heard mama crying when I woke up next,

The muddy floor, feared, soaked blood red,

Her hands were wiping off the sweat,

I felt unclean, not a woman yet,



I felt only pain, as I drifted in and out of sleep,

When I was awake, only strong enough to weep,

Some days, forty they say, spent this way,

But a whole lifetime, of being alive yet feeling dead,



Now I know this is the fate,

Of so many girls, women they make,

I promise myself as long as I live,

Another girl shall not pass to early womanhood.

Female Genital Mutilation, Is real and true and is plaguing millions of girls world wide. When I first wrote about it, in the story Failed Determination, my sole agenda was to raise awareness. A few bloggers and friends did their own bit, Vinay with his heart wrenching pieces Darkness and In Her Eyes, Bhavya with a very touching tale of hope The Escape Route, and Nirmal with a hard hitting Unforgivable Present.

This post is born out of a simmering emotional, helpless anger. I cant even begin to imagine what those girls might feel. But this is my attempt to understand that.

Today I would Like to appeal to you , to take a pledge to stop this barbarism. The Girl Summit 2014, aims at raising awareness about the act and pledging support towards eradication of Child marriage and FGM/C. Please do visit the link and take the pledge and spread the word and Give a voice to the millions of girls that go through this barbarism.

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