A Little Ray of Hope

It was one of those days. It had already been a year since I was at home, “doing nothing”. Writing was going nowhere, and attempts to get a job were not succeeding. While the pressure to do something on me mounted, I tried to find escape through writing. I had managed to just open a new document, and spend an hour typing a few words and erasing them; I had used the backspace key more than anything else on the keyboard. It was the lowest point of my life in a really long time and I could not see how I would pick myself up from this point and look forward to life again. The disappointment was not letting me write, and reading was no longer an escape. I had lost all hope.

As I sat there pondering what to do, in walks my almost three year old. He asked me to remove his puzzle box, and I got pretty irritated. Here i was trying to do something important, brooding over the bigger issues of life and he wants his toy. “Wait, Mumma is Busy”, I replied. As I tried to concentrate on writing something, he climbed up and hugged me and said sweetly in my ears “Mumma please give puzzle box.” And in that moment I felt guilty, for getting irritated. I immediately shut down the laptop and gave him the said puzzle box.

I sat there with him and watched as he tried to put the car together. He failed miserably putting a piece of the trunk in the front and the bonnet near the wheels. He was getting frustrated and exasperated and I was expecting a full blown tantrum. Trying to avoid a tantrum, I picked up a piece and tried to help S. “No”, he said firmly, “Do with own hand”, which was his way of saying he does not want any help.

Half an hour later a beaming face looked up at me and said “Mumma see”. The pride unmistakable, the happiness shining in his eyes – he pointed to his completed puzzle. After struggling and trying again and again he had achieved it, without getting irritated and throwing a tantrum.

They say inspiration can come from even the most unlikely places and I found mine in him that day. I changed my perspective. Maybe I was trying to fit a wheel piece near the boot all along till now. A new approach helped me figuring out what I really wanted to do. Today I teach young kids and prepare them for formal education. Yes I am a pre-primary teacher and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. Teaching has become my second love, the first is still writing and I am happy to be successfully pursuing both.

I found out that day that hope, positivity and the optimism of others can be so infectious especially if it is of your own toddler. He was my little ray of hope. The people at Housing are bringing similar hope and optimism to Real Estate.


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