A Love Story – Part 1

Jaibala/ November 15, 2014/ Short Stories/ 6 comments

Romance is a difficult genre for me to write. So with a little help, I have decided to try to overcome that fear.  This is a story that tries to answer the questions, what is Love? A questions that has so many different answers and varied definitions, none of them right and none of them wrong.

A Collaboration with dear friend and a talented story teller, Vinay, who blogs at “I Rhyme Without Reason”, here is part 1 of A Love Story.


‘Avinash weds Nisha’,  the card declared in big bold letters. Avi kept staring at the card that had already made its way to the hands of their relatives and friends. He thought of Nisha. Growing up with her, they had always been stuck at the hip, knowing that they would be the best of friends forever. Since a few years, their parents had been planning the wedding. They were meant to be together, they knew that, and everyone who knew them believed that.

Avi wondered about fairy tales, how they ended with “happily ever after”. He wondered if they existed in real life. And if they did, he sure couldn’t see them. Pretense was all that he could see around him. His parents’ marriage was just a show. Their choice of groom for his sister was an even bigger farce. Both those weddings were a fairy tale, his parents wedding he had witnessed through pictures and his sister’s wedding was the most exciting event in his life. But he knew the truth behind them, seeing them every day. He wondered if those fairy tales were meant to last.

However it was too late now, too late to back out. He walked over to the desk and picked up the framed words.

A new beginning they say,

I know you’re my soulmate,

We are perfect together,

There was never a doubt,

Never had a second thought,

That we were meant to be.


Celebrations and ceremonies,

That find my life’s fairytale,

The festivities and joyousness

They have only just begun.


The next step we now take,

To what has always been,

The always and forever dreams,

That we have always seen,

Without you I have never been.


My best friend, advisor, all you,

My protector, supporter too;

I never thought any other way,

Together forever we will stay,

In your castle I’ll be the queen,

To you, my Prince Charming,

And soon-to-become my King.

To most people, these were the most romantic words that could be written, and that is how Nisha meant them too. But these words were what got Avi thinking.


“Had they taken the right decision?”


Every word, every line was true. Nisha had not known anything else. Nisha was always with him. She never had a choice. He knew there was someone who loved her, enough to let her go, to put her happiness above anything else.  But he hadn’t told her.


Was he being honest and true when it came to the worthiness of their relationship? He wasn’t sure.


Read part 2 here.



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  1. Great start there. Loved the idea. I was thinking of the same with a blogger friend since last 3 months. Didn’t work out. Appreciate your efforts 🙂

    1. Welcome to My School Of Thought Shalzzz. I hope you get to do it soon. It is lots of fun. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Interesting start you 2… Looking forward to the rest of the story

  3. A very interesting premise, Jaibala and Vinay. So is it like you write one part, and then Leo writes another? If so, do you discuss or come up with your stories and then discuss? Good luck!

    1. Yes, and we have just discussed the premise of the story. 🙂

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