A Love Story – Part 2

A collaboration, is fun to write especially when you are attempting a genre you are not comfortable with. A Love story is one of my Achilles Heel, and Little did I know when we decided to collaborate a few months back that Vinay and I would end up writing a love story Titled A Love Story.

Here we are a few months down the line writing a love story, but no love story is perfect unless its a fairy tale. So what does part two hold for Avinash and Nisha? Is everything as it seems a happy fairy tale wedding? Read to find out.

A Love Story – Part 2

‘Avinash weds Nisha’,  the card declared in big bold letters. Every time Nisha saw the words, a big smile came on her face. Avi was the reason she believed in destiny. She knew him from the time they went to school together, she sitting behind him on his bicycle. They were the best of friends when they were happy, worst of enemies when they had a fight, but everyone who knew them, knew that whatever future they had, they would be in it together. She didn’t need a choice. She was happy when the cards were printed, and he put a ring on her finger, smiling with his eyes.

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Part 3 Should be up here in a few days. 🙂


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