A Love Story – Part 3

So, finally I have written in a genre I thought I would never write. Albeit with a little help from Vinay. This is a collaboration that we started writing about a week ago, and here we are at part three. If you haven’t yet read the previous parts do read them..

Part 1

Part 2


Avi could feel the festive mood around him; after all it was the beginning of his wedding celebrations.  He saw his parents talking with Nisha’s parents, the happiness in their eyes clearly evident.  Avi wondered why he wasn’t happy. He plastered a smile on his face as he began to look for Nisha. He saw her standing at the side with Raunak. Her laugh sounded like music. Avi loved to hear Nisha laugh. It was infectious and she lit up everything around her with the sound of her laughter.

Avi was jealous that Raunak was the reason for that laughter. He walked up to them; Nisha did not see him approach, as she was too engrossed in her conversation with Raunak. Raunak saw Avi first and he moved to give Avi the space to stand next to Nisha. Avi came up to her and hugged her. Nisha was surprised at Avi’s show of affection, for she knew he disapproved displaying affection in public. Avi just smiled at her, also noticing the amused look on Raunak’s face. He did not notice Nisha see this exchange between him and Raunak. He was consumed in his own thoughts of jealousy and confusion.


Avi took Nisha’s hand and led her to the dance floor. The song playing was their song. As they moved to the slow rhythm of the song, Avi was still thinking about whether he should tell Nisha the truth.

 “You seem distracted?” Nisha said.

 That brought back his attention to the moment. He looked at the adoration in Nisha’s eyes and he made up his mind. He had to tell.

 “He loves you, you know. Probably more than what I ever could. He let you go and never told you, so that you could be happy. I could never let you go.”

 Nisha looked at him confused.

 “What are you talking about?” she asked slowly, “and who is this person you are talking about?”


 Avi was not surprised when she started laughing.

 “You really had me worried there for a second.”

 “Nish, I am not joking. I have seen the way he looks at you. It’s just the way I do. He still loves you.”

 “Still?” Nisha had become serious now. “This is going on for long now? Avi, how long have you known? You should have told me. I would have kept my distance.”

 “No Nisha, that is exactly why I did not tell you. Raunak is your best friend. And he loves you. You keeping your distance would have broken him.”

 “So you did not think I needed to know?”

 “I was not sure you would choose me if you had an option. I am sorry. You needed to know. That is why I am telling you now. You have a choice, and if you don’t choose me, I would be happy to know that you are happy.”


A choice you make,

A choice you have,

You get to decide,

Who is Mr. Right.


When you decide,

Whatever it may be,

I hope you are happy,

Even if you don’t choose me.


“See, at least you turned me into to a poet,” he smiled and walked away.


Part 4 will be up soon on Vinay’s Blog.



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