A Tale of Time

Jaibala/ June 13, 2014/ Short Stories/ 12 comments

“Sanchi, come here. I will show you how to knit that bag you loved. You had asked me how.”

“Nah Mom, we can do it later. Saari zindagi padi hain for all that.”

She was taken back a few years.

“Mukti, I need to teach you how to make that tomato chutney you like.”

“Ma, not now; I want to play. I have the rest of my life to learn things.”

The day Mukti wanted to learn, her ma wasn’t alive to teach her.

Today, Mukti hoped that her daughter would claim her time before something else did.


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  1. that’s very touching!! beautifully written

    1. Thank You 🙂

  2. Short, but, profound.
    Reminded me of all the things my mom couldn’t teach me because Death claimed her sooner that anyone had expected. Not because we took her presence for granted though. She was just scared to let us near the fire, i.e. the gas stove, until we were in our mid-teens!

    1. Chicky, nice to see you here. I am so sorry for your loss.This story has been inspired by my grandmother’s death. We had planned to do so many things together, which I never ended up doing. And sometimes even if we have all the time it seems so less. It is always about one more talk, one more thing to do, one more thing to learn. As long as we do not take our loved ones for granted.

  3. Oh that’s sad and so true! Sometimes we just let go of things but then they come back to us saying, “if I had..”

    1. I know we build regret in our lives, and by the time we realise it most of the times its too late.

  4. That was so sad! Time…it takes away all our precious people and then we are left with none..

    1. Shilpa, time does that to us, and sometimes we do that to ourselves by not realising what is really important in our lives.

  5. You know what I feel about this story Jai. It touched me then, and it still does so now.

    1. Well you know the inspiration behind the story so yes 🙂

  6. 🙁
    oh dear!! That was sad.. yes. we need to make time to spend it with our loved ones.. its just so important isn’t it?

    1. It is very important but in the race of life we tend to forget what is important.

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