A to Z Challange 2014 – Theme Reveal


So I did just start Blogging in November, and I am still a baby at this.But then again a Challenge is what a Challenge is. And I  do not like to pass up on a challenge.  Blogging everyday in April (minus Sundays) to the 26 letters of the alphabet. Sound fun doesn’t it. So do I go with a theme or just post Random stuff, a debate I had with myself for a long time. So finally I decided to go with a Theme. What is It you ask.

“Life expressed through Music” – That is My theme. I love music, and what better way to combine two things I love. All through April I will be taking you on a journey of Emotions that I have felt in My lifetime but through the songs that match the emotions.  I have always felt through music. Like today the song says Good Luck to everyone, I hope You do well.[Just not better Than Me ;)]. But on a serious note, I do hope everyone has a happy ending for the challenge.

So every week day in April,I will reveal to you an Emotion or a situation in my life through a song. Hope You enjoy and Have fun reading. Good Luck to all participating, and I hope I finish this too.

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