A – Z Challenge 2014: Aashiyan

Doing the A to Z ChallengeΒ  2014, when i signed up it seemed very easy and now suddenly its seems a monstrous task. What I am going to blog about this whole month (except sundays) is Music. 26 Alphabets will give 26 songs that have created an Impact, Inspired me, Mean something to me or just plain Sound good. Thank You Arlee Bird for think this challenge up for us. Such a wide varitey of things to read. So here we begin with A.


Song: Aashiyan

Movie : Barfi (2012)

Music: Pritam

Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire

Label: Sony Music

Singers:Β Shreya Ghoshal, Nickhil Paul George

To Read the full Lyrics and Translation Click Here.

What more can I say of a song that has Ranbir Kapoor . But yes besides that fact, this is a song that makes you believe that you truly don’t need much to survive. At least not many material things. The things that matter are the little moments, your dreams, your hopes and your aspirations that you manage to gather everyday. The perfect Mantra to a Happy Life, whatever be the circumstances you come from.

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