A – Z Challenge: Bad Day

Well A was fun. Appreciated the Love. Now what does B bring….


Song: Bad Day

Singer: Daniel Powter

Album: Daniel Powter (2005)

For full lyrics to the song Click here.

I have had Bad Days,days when I would just want to scream, vent my frustration but couldn’t, days when everything that happened was only one thing – Wrong, Days when I felt the whole world hated me and I hated the world back with a vengeance. The only thing I wanted to do is Listen to some sad sentimental songs and question my very existence on this planet. I still have such days. But the question is Do we wallow or Get Back Up the next day and move on with a new beginning. GET UP I say, get up and look at a new day for its a new beginning. Coming to the song, its a sad song but not so sad. This is the song that I hear every single time I think Well I have had a Bad day.

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