A – Z Challenge: Paper Roses

Jaibala/ April 18, 2014/ Musings

Po Po My sons favourite actors Song, My song for P is



Song: Paper Roses

Singer: Marie Osmond

Album: Paper Roses (1973)

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We all have had fake people in our lives, I have dealt with more fake people than real ones. The fake people are the ones that are sweeter than honey, Flatter you every chance they get, Usually need something from you, and once they get what they want they drop you faster than the ball at Times Square on New Year. For people who know their reals from fake easily great, but for me and the likes who dont know the difference between Real and fake, well heartbreak is always in order.

But through all the heartache I have learnt one thing, there will always be fake people in your life. What matters is not losing your faith.  Had I not trusted people again and again, even despite the heartaches, I would never have found some perfect gems I have In my life. I happen to call them my Besthest Friends and I have a fair few (9 is a fair few i guess), people in my life I know, who will go to any extent and length for me. So this song is dedicated to all the fake people who led me on a journey to find my truest and bestesht friends.

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