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S is for Super Shubhya…nothing else can ever stand for the S

  Song: Sleeping Child

Band : Michael Learns To Rock

Album: Colours (1993)

For Full Lyrics please click here.

Its strange that today is the 22nd, and I am talking about My son who was also born on the 22nd (of February). So, in 2012 I was blessed with this little angel, who is a gift from God. After a difficult delivery and a slight scare I held him in my arms for the first time and I knew right then that my Life belongs to that little angel in my arms. Through all the ups in downs in Life My baby has been my Inspiration and the  reason I have done the things I have. “Shubhya” means to become a blessing and how he did.


He gave me the strength to walk out of a abusive marriage, the confidence to start life over, the reason to live each day, the meaning to start life anew. When I look at him sleeping, without a care in the world, I hope he always stays in that world of awesomeness that he has created for himself. I know that he will grow up and have to face the harsh truths of life, and I promise to be there right beside him to help him along.


I promise to just let him be, to grow and discover himself and who he wants to be. I promise to cherish his every word and every dream. I will try to make every one of his dreams into reality. I promise to scold him every time he does something wrong, and hear him out when he says he has an explanation. I promise to be his biggest strength in life and never his weakness.


I hope that I can instill in him the all values that he will need to know right from wrong, and rather than telling him what to do help him make the right choice. I hope to teach him that whatever happens life is beautiful, and does not end with one mistake or a bad decision. I promise that however bad the circumstances and hard my day has been, I will always be his Mom first. I hope he knows that my heart is always open for him whatever choices he makes, routes he takes and decisions he makes.


Good or Bad he will always find solace in me, just like the way I find the strength to take on life everyday by looking at him or the peace I feel at his content sleep or the happiness I feel in his little smile. His small achievements will soon turn into something bigger in life and my boy will grow up, I hope to grow with him as a Mom. I learn so much from him everyday, the sense of wonder and achievement at the little moments and little things, I hope I don’t forget these important lessons he is teaching me as well.


With his birth I was born as a mother, and when he has to face the world , I will be reborn as a Mother, with each moment making our bond stronger (I hope) . I don’t know whether I will be a good parent, but I promise him that I will try my very hardest to give him my best each day, and help him deal with whatever the world throws at him the best I can.

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  1. What a lovely S post. May you always be the loving mother you long to be.

    visiting from A to Z Challenge Drusilla

  2. That was so beautiful Jaibala. <3 God bless your son and you…:)

    1. Thank You Dagny 🙂

  3. This is your best post in the challenge so far 🙂

    S for Safe-Random Thoughts Naba

    1. Thank You Nabanita, but this had to be the best post. S brings out the best in me and I am sure I bring out the best in him.

  4. May God bless Shubhya 🙂 May he get whatever he deserves and what ever is best for him !

    1. Thank Afshan. <3 He needs all the best wishes he can get 🙂

  5. I’m only giving these to the both of you <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  6. May all your dreams & aspirations for your son & you come true ! A blog post ,overflowing with love !

    1. Thank you Vasudha for those kind words and wishes 🙂

  7. Here’s to you and your son. A beautiful song.

    1. Shail Thank You 🙂

      1. I love MLTR 🙂

  8. Three cheers for you and your son. ..I am.sure you bring out the best in each other!

    1. Thank You Ghata. He brings out the best in me, I hope I do the same for him too 🙂

  9. Beautifully expressed. Every single emotion is well thought out and from the heart. You two are blessed to have each other in your lives.

    First time at your blog, by the way and I’m glad to be here

    1. Thank You for visiting and for the kind words. Indeed we are blessed to have each other 🙂

  10. May you gain the eternal energy to grow together….stay happy and be there for each other…when he is 22, you will be a proud mama…:-)

    1. I want him to be proud of his Mumma. Thank you for best wishes 🙂

  11. Children give us great strength to face adversity. Many blessings to both of you as you journey together.

    1. Thank You Suzy and really children can be your biggest strength 🙂

  12. You have captured each emotion so well Jaibala. Thank you for sharing. And it is indeed a beautiful song.

    1. Thank You Prathima 🙂

  13. Sweetheart thank you for sharing it here. Each and every word that you wrote speaks volume about you as a mother. Really when a child is born, a mother is also born. And once a mother, always a mother. Nothing will ever come close to what we feel about our kids. No one else will ever understand this bond. I pray that with time , this bond grows more and more and more and may you always find courage and love in each other <3 <3

    1. Sfurti Thank You Thank You and You are right what goes on between a Mother and her childern no one else can understand 😀 <3

  14. I do not think I need to say how much I know you love S. It is evident from this post, and even if you didn’t write this post, it is evident to me from the way you talk about him, and love him. You both are the best, and I wish nothing but the best for the both of you. Be each other’s blessings, and strengths for all the years to come dear.

    1. Vins I hope someday he knows I love him a lot too. Best wishes always needed especially for him. 🙂

      1. What rubbish 😛 “Someday” apparantly. He knows now too, you silly W you 😛 He knows you love him a lot, and he shows it by those little things… like jumping on to your shoulder, or falling asleep half on you… He just can’t say it in words. But if that picture, of him trying to jump on ur shoulder, was actually a picture, it’d speak a million words about your love for each other. 🙂

        1. I am sorry. I know he loves me, he wouldnt eat a morsel of food without me nor does he sleep without me. He is always following me around like a tail. He wouldnt do these thingsif he didnt love me. Yes he loves me a lot and I love him too

  15. And I promise to be the aunt who spoils him like anything! 😀 He is lucky to have you as a mother and me as his favorite aunty! 😛

    1. Yep he is very lucky to have you guys 🙂

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