A – Z Challenge: True Colours




Song: True Colors

Artists: Cindy Lauper

Album: True Colors (1986)

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In a world full of busy people, disappointments, heart aches and heart breaks, it is very easy to get disillusioned. You go into a shell and never want to come out of your own safe world, where slowly you begin to believe every negative and discouraging thing being  said about you. The circumstances are also never better, one thing after the other going wrong and you mope believing that you are a loser. We have many people in this world who will tell us what is wrong and why criticising our every action and word. We need encouragers, people who see beyond all the strife and negatives, slowly realizing your true potential.  Our world is full of critics and short of enouragers. So what do we do when we don’t find an Encourager – Simple We shut out the critics and become our own encouragers.

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