A – Z Challenge: Zindagi Ki Yehi Reet Hain

Jaibala/ April 30, 2014/ Musings

Finally time for Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..Last but not the least……



Song: Zindagi Ki Yehi Reet Hain

Movie: Mr. India (Hindi, 1987)

Singers: Kishore Kumar

Composers:  Laxmikant Pyarelal

For Full Lyrics Click here.

Z , the last letter of the alphabet. This is where the alphabet ends and so does the challenge. But for me this is the beginning, of life, of so many new friendships its just the beginning of a lot. Its been tiring and exhausting, but I am glad I did this and made it to the end, the finish line and a big congratulations to everyone who took part. The biggest winning of this journey are the people, they are what I have gained.

Coming from the rough year I finally enjoyed doing something, had fun In a long time. I took you through a journey, of a snippet of my life, you met people who matter to me, My Son, My grand Mom, My friends. Through the songs your have relived moments of my life. Through this journey you have met my dreams, fears aspirations and goals.

Well Life goes on. The friends, friendships and the relationships fostered will carry on. I did loose a lot in life. But what I gained is worth a lot more than what I lost. And I know what I gained will remain with me throughout my life.

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