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Don’s Wife by Vinod Pande


The Blurb
Lethality of beauty and inner radiance brutally felled, after several dastardly attempts on her life in different cities of the world, Kamini, the firebrand leader of the emerging new party, the icon of the youth, the idol of the world of glitter and glamour, the revered social reformer, the enigmatic wife of the dreaded underworld Don Harsh Jadhav, assassinated by unidentified gunmen at the unlikeliest of places, right at the front door in the porch of her own house. With mere two mortal shots, death had snatched her from life and what a life! She could launch a million ships, both with her beauty and her exceptional brilliance. A fulsome life but a born rebel. Defiantly left all this to marry a man she loved, a man, she was to learn rather late in the day, was the son of one of the most feared mobsters in the country. A woman who went beyond, beyond the societal mores in her passionate relationships. Then, then the world did not remain the same. A saga began. A saga of revenge and hope, of aspirations and betrayals, of human tragedies and triumphs. A story of tall men and even taller women where heroes are not only heroes and villains are not only villains. Story of Kamini, more powerful in death than even in life
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When I was offered to read and review Don’s Wife, I was pretty excited. A thriller, centred on the murder of the Wife of a Notorious Don, Kamini at the front door of her own house, the book starts off on a relatively promising note. With the murder and the frenzy that it causes, the author makes you want to read further in the book.

After the Murder the book goes into a flash back, which deals with the rise of Kamini from a simple girl to being the Don’s Wife and politician. Her personal journey, tumultuous relationships and Passion for her work is explored in detail. Having rebelled against her parents to marry the Son of the feared Don, Kamini goes against everything that society deems right to pursue her relationship with Harsh.

When due to circumstances her husband has to take on the mantle of being “Bhai”, she accepts that and stands by his side, even when he has to abandon her and flee the country. Broken by his betrayals and multiple affairs finally she finds Love, and defiantly gives in to her hearts desires, knowing well the consequences. What follows is a saga of Heroes, Villains and tales of betrayals and relationships with unquestionable faith.

The Author Vinod Pande, is a film maker and that is clearly obvious through the pages and the narration of the book. The Story is very strong and has a lot of potential, and Kamini is a very beautiful, strong and a well written character.

Having said that there are a few things that I did not like about the book too, for instance the author uses sex to show love between the characters and there are various scenes depicting sexual encounters between Kamini and Harsh and Kamini and Jayant which neither help nor hamper the story. Especially the scenes about Harsh’s sexual indiscretions in detail could have been avoided as they only make the book seem sleazy and make the story take a backseat.

In chapter 6 Harsh’s mood swings are mentioned, which are critical to the development of his personality but no explanation is given, letting confusion set in about Harsh and his personality. Later the Paedophilia scene explains a lot about harsh and his psychological problems related to sex, but the scene itself shows Harsh in a very bad light. Especially the use of the word “Homo”, though not wrong in terms of the characterisation, but could have been avoided, because any other swear word would have had a similar effect.

Other than these issues the story is a very powerful one, centred on a very powerful character Kamini. I would rate the book 2.5 out of 5 stars because this is a story that has a lot of potential and could have been made more interesting and thrilling had there been sole concentration on the plot.

Meet the Author
Vinod Pande is a producer, writer, editor and award winning director whose body of work includes films such as Ek Baar Phir (1979), Yeh Nazdikeeyan (1982) and Sins (2005) among many others. He has also made popular TV shows such as Airhostess (1985-86) and Reporter (1992-97). He worked as programming head for Sahara TV (1997-2000). “The Don’s Wife” marks his debut as a published author. 
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  2. :3 Good work jai
    Dude am itching for when i will review this

  3. Though I suppose an author should not come out with his reaction to a critical reflection on his work and that too so soon, please allow me to thank you for truly a beautiful re
    view of my book. I have my take on sexuality in any narrative, of course especially in mine, but you never took me on this on the questions you sent me Jaibala.

    1. Sir, I usually like to keep my interviews and reviews separate, one is specially to showcase you and your feelings about the work and one is to showcase my feelings about it. I do not like to personally attack an author and give space for his feelings in interviews. This is my view, of course you might disagree 🙂

  4. And, the moral is: Making a feature film, and writing a fiction are altogether very different kind of tasks!

    1. Thank You Vijay Sir for taking the time. Yes true very different things.

  5. As usual a lovely Review Jaibala. I liked Kamini’s character the best in this story. As Sundari says.. your reviews are becoming the toast of the town. Looking forward for the next one 🙂

    1. Thank You Rubina. And yes I try to learn but can never be as good as my teachers. Still getting there Ma’am.

  6. Another great review Jaibala! I love the way you analyse the story without giving away too many details. Need to learn the art 🙂

    1. Thank You Sundari….that is a huge compliment for me…thanks a lot and I am glad you like my reviews….it just makes me want to work harder and do better next time. 🙂

  7. Being a person who belongs to the film industry, is there an influence of that in the way he writes? I guess I will keep this book in mind & read it when time permits. Enjoyed the review. 🙂

    1. Oh yes big infulence. You will easily know that he is a person from the film industry. Thank you Pooja for reading and am glad you enjoyed it.

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