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Trisha still remembered the day she had decided to give in, stop fighting and do what she was asked to do. And then her mother uttered the words that will change her life forever. “Why do you have to be so adamant about everything?” She had asked.

As she accepted the award for the best Writer, for having written her third best selling novel, Trisha thought, ” Thank you Ma for reminding me how adamant I could be.”



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Academically a Microbiologist, I am a Web Columnist for popular magazines and websites, Freelance Writer and a Blogger. Words define me and writing and reading compete to be the love of my life. My biggest belief is that there is something good in everything and I always looks to highlight the best in things. Creative writing is my forte.You can reach me by dropping a mail at


  1. A little confused… was she adamant that she couldn’t become a writer earlier, and her mom pushed her to give in? or was she adamant that she could become a writer, then gave in to her mom’s wish and then got back her adamancy?

    1. The latter, she was about to give into her Mom’s wish and became adamant again 🙂

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