The Adventures at the Tata Literature Live

Jaibala/ November 24, 2016/ Musings, Sponsored

An event that covers world literature spanning over 4 days, seems like a true wonderland to me. But Tata literature live with its 130 writers spanning innumerable genres and from over 15 countries made this wonderland seem real. The maxim “Literature has no Language” was brought to life in these four days.

(For details of the authors and the programs please visit the Tata Literature live website. )


The opening ceremony that began with Shashi Tharoor and Amitav Ghosh gave me the first evidence that I was Dorothy who had long left Kansas behind. It was also the precursor of everything to follow.


Talks covering a wide variety of subjects opened up new themes and topics for writing. I could never have thought of perpetual growth as a machine that was not in our control, or the superficial political and deep rooted linguistic divisions that mapped out our country’s geography. Though the conservative and liberal divide did not surprise me, what did was the fluidity the arguments posed to our entire understanding f conservative and liberal as terms.

I heard about how easy and hard it was to write pieces of dissent and yet people talk about writing as a form of healing and Bibliotherapy, such varied perspectives on being affected or unaffected by what is actually happening around you.  Using the surroundings, as a character in your writing, or just a mere tool to tell your story was a choice writers made on daily basis. And having a ear for the character, the story or the audience was a small struggle that every novel posed to its writer.

A piece of writing was a balancing act between the audience, the writer and the medium was actually a profound revelation of sorts because most of the times we never consider the third leg of the stool. That ideas don’t need judgement only observation is a lesson we all probably need to learn and the fact that a person should never be judged on his actions but circumstances is what we need to practice.

For all the lessons I learned, the most important one I take back is there is no right or wrong way to write anything. Classical rules and definitions were made up long after writing was actually born, so its perfectly alright to be the exception to the rule rather than spending your entire life conforming to it.

The post will be incomplete without talking about two things. One, the venues NCPA and Prithvi Theatre added to the fairy tale of the Tata Literature Live. The hospitality was amazing and the play even more so. Second, Gulazar Saab. The sheer brilliance of the man, who writes lyrics like Beedi Jalaile and poetry that is magical at is very being with equal eloquence, cannot be described in words. I would not want to try even, it is something that needs to be felt and heard.

I am leaving you with some images of the days.

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I know one post is not enough to cover the magic of those four days and I plan to write more posts as and when I can. For now I just want to say Tata Literature live left me with a feeling of being in my own Rosaggio.

I attended the Tata Literature Live as part of Team Blogchatter who were the official Blogging Partners for the event. The Other members of the team were Rohan Kachalia, Kala Ravi, and Omkar Jadhav. All Images are one of ours i.e. Kala, Rohan,Omkar or Jaibala.

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