Aisha – Part 3

When I introduced you to Aisha I was not, going to write another part. But her story seemed incomplete, and that is why I continued it.  Here is the final part of Aisha, character that I have loved writing and I will miss. Like I said I have big plans for her. Subscribe to my newsletter, to receive regular updates about what goes on Behind the scene and some exclusive information and previews to what is coming up. Heres the story


Aisha was unsure about what was going on. She knew she was not angry. But, she was also sure she did not want to be here. She could not let go of this sense of betrayal, but she could not decided who had betrayed her.

Was it Kavya for not speaking? She found it strange how it was only Kavya who was quiet that day. Everyone had something to say except her. Did her best friend betray her, or she like the others did not want her all along. “But Hadn’t Kavya said yes the moment I had asked to live with them. Why did she agree if she did not want me there?”

And then Kavya had taken so much care of her, she was responsible for Aisha’s being able to sleep at night. In fact even her doctor was happy with the progress that reconnecting with Kavya had resulted in for Aisha.

“Then why?” Aisha was desperately searching for answers to her questions. Her parents knew, the doctor had told them she wouldn’t b comfortable back home, and to do everything to make this transition easy for her. Did her parents really not care? Was Mitul actually right about this, Aisha walked downstairs into the kitchen.

“You should have been more nice, you were rude to her”, suddenly she heard her mom’s voice. “She is our daughter and has been through a lot.”

“Don’t you think I know that”, her father sounded irritated.  “But you know as well as I do that getting her out of that house was important. You forgot what Aarav said.”

“Her presence is causing so many issues in our life. She needs to give us some space, yes I remember these words; I heard them talk too.”

“How could I let our daughter remain in that house after that, Kavya did not even say anything? Aarav thought she was a problem, and for how long were they going to put their life on hold for Aisha’s sake”

Aisha was shocked, so this is why everything happened seemingly suddenly. This was all a part of their plan? Or were her parents just trying to save her from another heart break. Aisha suddenly felt a headache coming on. Her vision blurred and she felt suffocated.

Just like that she was back in that room.  Aisha screamed, but no one heard her. She didn’t remember when she had her last meal. That is when Mitul walked in. Aisha realised he seemed conflicted. He had something in his hand, Aisha tried to get a glimpse of it, but she could not.
“I have been trying to explain to you, but you always said I was wrong”, Mitul extended his hand so that Aisha could reach out to take what he had in his hand. “This is what I have been trying to tell you. They do not want you, you do not matter.”
Aisha took the card and read the words. Aarav Weds Kavya and the invitation sent out in her parents’ name.  

“I do not matter, not anymore.”  The words echoed in her head. He was right. Aisha walked out of the house. She had somewhere to be.

“Where could Aisha have gone? She left to come here,” Aisha mother looked worried

“Did she specifically say she was coming here, did you ask?” The doctor asked

“No she was not talking to anyone.” Her father replied.

“I warned you to go slow, it is not easy. The emotional stress is real. I know you think she should be happy and relieved, but no one knows what she went through for 6 years. She needed you to win her trust back.” Doctor Doshi had seen several such cases in her life time. People just did not understand PTSD or Stockholm’s Syndrome for that matter.

“But…” Aisha mother began

“You knew she was showing signs of Stockholm Syndrome. You had to get her to trust you again, not tear her further apart. Do you realise how lonely she was and her visions, those terrible night terrors? How long do yout hink she will last in the world? Do you realise why…” The doctor suddenly stopped. There was no point, they really would not understand.

Aisha, knew now she would not be alone. She would be with the one person to whom she had mattered in the past 6 years. She would be finally be free, once she figured out a way to get what she wanted.


Stockholm Syndrome is something that is real, and we have had many movies made and stories written about it. I am purposely leaving the story open ended, I would love to hear what you want Aisha to do? I want to thank all of you for sticking by this story even though it took so long and apologize for taking so long to finish it. Do leave your notes in the comment below.



16 thoughts on “Aisha – Part 3

  • I would assume that Aisha Should recover soon & and rediscover herself .. rediscovering can only come in a positive environment and with people who are will listen to her . Someone who lets her learn to express her inner thoughts so that her mind be calm & heart get relief
    dew cool recently posted…PREGNANCY DIGESTMy Profile

  • I really hope a good Samaritan comes by, now that we know no one around her is actually capable of helping, there need some understanding person. someone like a person having experience with Stockholm syndrome. I hope she is taken away from present situations made to meet people of similar conditions and slowly get rid of her psychological issues.
    It would be great if she was slowly brought back from her receding state and make her a winner all these people would really be proud of.
    If she were to go unnoticed then she would not make the shero she is now right!
    Menaka Bharathi recently posted…Your Winter Travel Destination Plans Start Here – Gulmarg -The Meadow of FlowersMy Profile

  • I want her to get medication ,counselling and stay with a neutral family ,friend care giver .Maybe in the same building as her parents.
    Find love and start a self help group to help people who get abducted and suffer this problem.
    Mental illness needs time ,patience and medivation (specially in the beginning )Then regular therapy can help.
    She may like to start a home delivery of food or an organic kitchen garden.
    Please happy ending.I don’t want a sick person like Mitul winning.It’s not right.
    Why should her entire life be over because of 6 years?
    What about the 18 other normal great years?
    Her parents need to understand too the depth of the problem.Absolutely beautiful story Jaibala
    Dr.Amrita Basu recently posted…How to write away writer’s block:Inspiring Quotes to helpMy Profile

    • But that is always the case with mental illness in a country like ours. It isn’t understood even by the people most close to us. Also in most cases the pain out weighs the happiness. I Hope something bigger and better comes in Aisha’s life.

    • I know this is not the end for Aisha, maybe something bigger and better coming her way. A realisation that she can contribute towards others happiness might definitely help her

  • Where I’d like to see it go? I’d like to see the point where she realizes that she can look beyond this – her parents attitude as well as the sense of Stockholm. Gain a true realization of her independence perhaps from both.

    • Perhaps she will grow out of it, perhaps it will be her undoing. But, I wonder if it willbe easy for her to get that kind of understanding and perspective?

  • Aisha should recover, and start afresh. I a new environment , perhaps a new country even.
    I wish you continue this story, Jai. not only is it well written, it has so much potential too!
    I am a little sad to see it end.

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