Are You Ready To Do Right?

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India is a country with so much potential, and primed for development. With 37% of the world’s population living in India, the path to being the next super power should ideally be easy. We dream of making our country the next superpower and the cities the next New York, Singapore etc. However success in achieving this goal eludes us, and the truth of the matter is our country is not quite where we expect it to be. The major roadblock in the development of our country is the high illiteracy rate. A country with all resources readily available to it lags behind in the imparting of knowledge department. This can be corrected with a simple gesture in the journey of doing right, as has been shown to us by Ajeet Singh and the NGO Guria.

On the banks of the The Ganga, in Varanasi where all the people go to wash away their sins, were so many children, who were not inclined towards learning. By providing them #schlorships and a place to learn the Varanasi boat school has achieved a lot. They are off the streets and gaining much needed education. What they still need though is an ideal learning environment that provides stimulation to the children’s young and active minds and encourages knowledge.

A magical transformation can be achieved by transforming the physical appearance of the boat to make it more attractive and inviting, and provide resources to the children like Cd’s, and Books that will enhance their learning process. An enhanced learning environment will give the children impetus to gain knowledge, which will further our cause to being empowered.

The story of the Varanasi boat school has proved that even small, simple steps in the right direction can change a lot in the future. A goal oriented approach makes it easier to assess the success of the campaign. A successful journey of doing right in Varanasi can lead to many such campaigns and such innovative schools across India. The children of India will be taken off the street and into classrooms, their future that that of our country secured.

This story that has begun on the banks of the Ganga in the holy city of Benaras, can be propelled in the right direction by Indian and its people. So India are you ready to give the children of Ganga the chance at a better future by transforming their present and giving them a learning environment they deserve?

Though this post is a sponsored post the opinions expressed in it are mine.


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  1. Let’s hope for the best!
    At least, we’re all moving in the right direction.

    1. True that, and educated India will sure lead to some kind of empowerment as a nation.

  2. I hope they do make a good change for the future 🙂 Not only in that part of the country, but everywhere.

    1. Yes it is a wonderful initiative, isn’t it Vins 🙂

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