Book Review: Heir Of Fire

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This is the second book by Sarah J Mass that I have read; Assassins Blade was the other.  Heir Of Fire is the third book in the Throne Of Glass series and Assassins Blade was a prequel.

Heir Of Fire

Paperback, 562 pages

Published September 11th 2014 by Bloomsbury Childrens (first published September 2nd 2014)

original title: Heir of Fire

ISBN: 1408839121 (ISBN13: 9781408839126)

Edition Language:English

Series: Throne of Glass #3

PLOT: The timeline between the books is Two year, and the years have brought about many changes in Celaena. The story progresses slowly initially, but if you are willing to stick with it, you understand the need for all the build up of the characters. The Multiple points of View and the storyline progressing in so many places at the same time, makes the entire story that much more interesting. This story is driven by the plot and Sarah J Maas has dropped little tit bits of information all through her books.

CHARCTERS: Celaena makes the transformation to being Aelin, and accept her destiny. Through it all her struggles and her battles with her own self are epic. Dorian has made his choice about his loyalties and is very clear about what he wants; Chaol is still struggling to decide between Love and Duty. Rowan is the perfect best friend anyone can ask for, Adeion ‘s loyalty to his cousin is commendable.  Manon Blackbeak, the Iron Teeth With will be a great compatriot for Celaena, or become her best ally. Her characters take the story forward.

WHAT I LIKED: Have you ever seen a story that is both character driven and plot driven, here it is. Sarah J Maas, has achieved a proper balance between the two, the initial part of the book builds the characters, and the later part the story, but nowhere has one been ignored for the other. Also the covers, this in particular and of all the books, the covers are very appealing and I love them.

WHAT I DID NOT LIKE: I could not understand a little bit of the story, but then that is bound to happen when you haven’t read the first two books, and I am sure had I read them before I would not have any issues.

RATING: I have two favourites when it comes to fantasy, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. To me the throne of glass series is almost like Tolkien’s Epic. The world, their histories their stories, slowly unravels along with the stories of its people and is as interesting as it can get. I rate the book 4.5 out of 5 stars, and I recommend everyone who likes to read fantasy to read about Celaena the Assain.

The book has been given to me for review by Bloomsbury India. No payment was taken, and my opinions are honest and unbiased.


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