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A Book all but 100 pages, and still packs a punch, that is what Nitin Sawant’s Lucifer’s Lungi is in a nutshell. The book makes an impact on the reader, and made me rethink and evaluate my beliefs. I think I am on the fine side for now.


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Paperback, 111 pages

Published 2014 by Fablery Publications

Original Title: Lucifer’s Lungi

ISBN: 8192893707 (ISBN13: 9788192893709)

Edition Language: English



An atheist goes on a journey where he begins to question his beliefs, a believer forced to defend his choices when doubts arise. They both are changed because of this encounter. You are almost sure of the destination, but what matters is the journey towards it. It is this path taken, the choices made and the things encountered that lead to the almost vague but sure end.


The Protagonist is very sure of what he believes in, even when he begins to question himself, he is very sure why. Sarvana is so innocent and protects his ideas and his culture very fiercely. He never questions what he is told and gives up on his ambitions and dreams to protect his ideals.

What I really like about these characters is that they are real and identifiable. I can easily see versions of these people around me, and the level of blind faith is easily relatable.



The book cover, I think is brilliant and creates a great first impression. It sets the tone for the read. The premise is set very well, and the story moves forward at a very fast pace. There is not a dull moment when you take up to read.



There could have been some more time spent on the details. It is a short read; some more time spent on details could not have hurt the story at all. I assume the author did not wish to slow down the pace of the story, but in some places I feel that slowing it down would have helped. Or maybe I just feel it ended too soon, and wanted to read more.



It is not an easy task to create a lasting impact with a story set in a village in Tamil Nadu and mainly two characters. But the point comes across so poignantly and earnestly. I would rate this book a 4 on 5 stars. Short read, worth the time spent and leaves you longing for more.


This book was given to me by the author for a review. The views I express are unbiased and honest.


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  1. I liked the book. Don’t quite know if I loved it, but it’s not a bad book for sure. 🙂
    Vins recently posted…Of Life, Books and Reading…My Profile

    1. I recommend the book, means I loved it. I don’t think there is anything that can make you hate this book.

  2. Nice little review there, Jaibala.
    Sorry! Still doesn’t make me want to pick up the book though.
    Sid recently posted…Why do they?My Profile

    1. Glad you liked the review…though it isn’t your kind of book.

  3. I’ve heard only good things about this book!! 😀
    Thank you for the review Jai!

    1. Yes you must read this book Pix, totally your kind of book. You will love it too.

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