Book Review: Voices Old and New

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Book Review: Voices Old and New

How does one do justice while reviewing an Anthology, that was the question on my mind while reading the book. A collection of stories in four different genres, written by different authors would make it difficult.


Ebook, 252 pages

Published January 15th 2015 by Indireads


Edition language: English



I am just going to tell you about my favourite stories genre wise. There is no better way to do this according to me.

ROMANCE: Between Him and Her penned by Jaspreet Soni was by far my favourite in this genre. The story is real on so many levels. How many people have sacrificed love, for the sake of family, or so many other considerations? That yearning for true love never changes , neither does their place in your heart. Legally Boung by Ada Wiam and Meeting by arrangement by Maria Perry Mohan were among the other stories I enjoyed in this category.


CRIME & MYSTERY: Seven Forty Two is an interesting Thriller and the story has been executed really well by Vibha. Boomerang by Ruchi Singh and Within by Ada Wiam send a chill down your spine while reading.


DRAMA: The Ballet lessons by Dr. Roshan Radhakrishan and Parvati’s Smile by Neelesh Inamdaar were my favourites in this category, both these stories are enjoyable and make you think about them, they are a little more than just stories.


PARANORMAL: My favourite story of the book comes from this genre. The Message by Sid Balachandran, is such a subtle spooker, it is not make you shiver kind of scary but it will send a chill down your spine with its subtly. Dola Basu Singh manages to scare you with her story When Darkness Reigns and Sonia Rao’s The Equals and Karthik’s Night at the Temple of Circe are stories with a difference.


All in all the book is a collection of good stories and is a great read. I must also mention the cover here, it is very beautifully and cleverly designed.


The book has been given to me for review by Indireads as a part of their review program. No payment was taken, and my opinions are honest and unbiased.


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  1. Thank you for the honest review, Jaibala. And special thanks for the mention. Appreciate it. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to review one of my books soon 🙂

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