But Honestly…

Jaibala/ September 18, 2015/ Poetry

It’s strange how things change,
Deep inside I know it has always,
Been this way, been the same,
Yesterday was just as same as today.


A hope kept burning,
on the inside,
A truth unseen,
Would never come by.


Words hurt like arrows whizzing by,
The stars are never seen by the sunlight,
Strength and faith in pieces lay,
A heartbroken a million times.


The hope kept burning,
is dead inside,
The truth unseen,
Can never lie.


A new sense over comes the old,
A warm heart suddenly gets cold,
Broken pieces swept away,
A little hope just died today.


The hope no more burning,
On the inside,
The Truth Unseen,
Was always a lie.


Had I known not to believe,
Had I known not to love,
Had I known to bid adieu,
But Honestly…I never knew.

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