Paint’s Day Out

Jaibala/ February 13, 2017

I could hear the buzz of activity outside the giant door. From what I had heard these bloggers are a very happy and friendly bunch of people. I was looking forward to seeing them. The place was majestic and the mood was festive. I could feel the excitement in the air, friends meeting friends, people making friends. The excitement outside

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Love Unsaid

Jaibala/ September 18, 2016

Why is it so hard to accept? Why do we have to leave Love Unsaid?

The Pit Stop

Jaibala/ April 1, 2016

A beautiful Woman, in a lonely town? Who is she? What did she do to bring her to this Pit Stop?


Jaibala/ March 25, 2016

Everyone is broken differently, some more than others. Do we fix, it or learn to live with our broken selves. What is more important forgiveness or regret?


Jaibala/ March 4, 2016

Justice:Is the truth always Black or White? Or are they shades of grey to Justice? Will a moral dilemmas be pale or a dark shade of grey?


Jaibala/ October 17, 2015

What Road do you chose when you have no choice?