A Love Story – Part 2

Jaibala/ November 19, 2014

A collaboration, is fun to write especially when you are attempting a genre you are not comfortable with. A Love story is one of my Achilles Heel, and Little did I know when we decided to collaborate a few months back that Vinay and I would end up writing a love story Titled A Love Story. Here we are a few

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A Love Story – Part 1

Jaibala/ November 15, 2014

Romance is a difficult genre for me to write. So with a little help, I have decided to try to overcome that fear.  This is a story that tries to answer the questions, what is Love? A questions that has so many different answers and varied definitions, none of them right and none of them wrong. A Collaboration with dear

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Jaibala/ October 28, 2014

People were staring at her. Sia knew that, they always did but she did not care for those glares and sniggers; she knew they would not understand. As she turned another page, she laughed silently as she remembered the coffee stains on this one, and the little girl that caused the coffee to fall from the cup in her hands onto

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The Lady

Jaibala/ August 30, 2014

He was driving over the speed limit, but he knew that if he had to get to the hospital on time the speed limit of 55 Kmph for the Highways was definitely going to be a barrier. The continuous driving had tired him out and he craved some refreshing tea. He decided to stop at the next rest stop. He

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Jaibala/ August 20, 2014

She was morose and after being at it all day her work was still nowhere near completion. Truthfully she hadn’t even begun and the job required precision but hinged on deadlines. One error, one small mistake and it would mean hours of planning and strategising gone to waste.   Impulsive ideas wouldn’t work and the good ones were sparse. She

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By Accident

Jaibala/ August 16, 2014

Rohan walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around him. He removed his clothes from the cupboard and started getting dressed. He wore a formal black pant and a white shirt, it was the day of the hearing and his clothes were what were considered as almost a uniform. He looked at the watch and realised he was

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Midnight Virus

Jaibala/ August 13, 2014

As the clock hands moved slowly towards midnight, Sahil was getting anxious. No, he was not worried that his plan would fail, he was confident that by midnight he would have killed all the competition, just like a farmer would eradicate his pests.   Taking this decision was not easy, but then he had come a long way from being

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Poaching End

Jaibala/ August 9, 2014

    His was a meticulous plan; he had tracked out their movements, and knew that they would take this path. He dug a big muddy hole right in the middle, of the small path, and camouflaged it well. He waited for twilight, knowing that the minute his prey came this way, at least one of them would fall in.

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Untold Love

Jaibala/ August 6, 2014

Pari smiled as she hit the accept button. She had been searching for his profile on the popular social media networks forever, and the strange thing was that Jigar had found her.  She immediately clicked his profile when the chat window popped up. Jigar: Hi. How have you been? It has been a long time. Pari: Yes pretty long for

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Dreams – Some Shattered, Some Made

Jaibala/ August 1, 2014

“Due to the recent change in the Reservation policy, which is effective immediately, we have revised the Admission list. Students are requested to check the list again. We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused – Management, Sabarmati Technical Institute.” The faces of all boys and girls anxious, the future of most of them depending on the list, everyone was

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Jaibala/ July 31, 2014

Today. I have a surprise. A special post by the very special Pixie.  I am sure you all just got extra excited cause you get to read her today. Everyone knows what a brilliant writer she is, and the stories she weaves are just one of a kind. She has made you laugh, cry, scared you with her words and her opinions at Pixie’s

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