What Can I say About Dreams? A Guest Post

Jaibala/ August 18, 2014

What do I say about the person for whom I am writing today. He is one of my closest friends, and his blog is one of the blogs I turn to when I am looking for inspiration, comfort or just a smile. He is always there with a push, shove and a kick, look at my words with a fine tooth comb.

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Jaibala/ July 31, 2014

Today. I have a surprise. A special post by the very special Pixie.  I am sure you all just got extra excited cause you get to read her today. Everyone knows what a brilliant writer she is, and the stories she weaves are just one of a kind. She has made you laugh, cry, scared you with her words and her opinions at Pixie’s

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The Blessed Bond

Jaibala/ May 29, 2014

Its better to have few friends who love you unconditionally rather than have many conditional friends.  And its even better when that friend knows the truth behind every word you use and Vins knows that about my writing.  He is my family, the kind that I chose for me, my beshtie. He is my advisor, sounding board, inspiration, blackmailer and Of Course S ka

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