When I Said “No”

Jaibala/ May 12, 2017

Does Difference trump love? What do you choose when the choice is between you and the one you love?


Jaibala/ March 4, 2017

An ode to the women who are my closest friends and my sisterhood.


Jaibala/ September 25, 2016

What do you think you will lose if Fear was your biggest Fear?


Jaibala/ September 5, 2016

Can the done ever be undone? Can the lost ever be found?

The Way We Were

Jaibala/ August 7, 2016

I keep thinking of the promises I made to myself as a child and the way we were.

Fragile Lives

Jaibala/ August 3, 2016

In life nothing is permanent or sure. All of us are living Fragile Lives.

Never Say Goodbye

Jaibala/ July 22, 2016

Relationships come with the fear of losing the one you love. How do you let the person grow when your biggest fear is having to let go and say goodbye?