Jaibala/ April 11, 2016

Sometimes, the lines blur between reality and Illusion.

Shades Of Pain

Jaibala/ February 3, 2016

Pain, comes in so many forms, each has its own shades: Shades of pain.

My Confession

Jaibala/ November 24, 2015

There is always something to confess, always something kept hidden inside. What is your Confession?

But Honestly…

Jaibala/ September 18, 2015

Do we know what is illusion and what is reality. and how do we react when we realise our illusions can never be real?

My New Song

Jaibala/ August 30, 2015

Hey, This is my first post from a my own space. Yes, I have gone self hosted. The past two weeks have been wonderful, with so many good things happening. But most of the times when you achieve something, it is not you alone but the support and the belief of at least one person whose faith in you never

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Undoubtedly Blest

Jaibala/ August 13, 2015

There is always an emotional and mental struggle associated with growth and change that cannot be avoided.

Dear Dad

Jaibala/ June 22, 2015

Dear Dad, You I was never scared of, So I’d always turn to you, I know you’d never walk away, When the whole world would do.   Dear Dad, I don’t know how to fear, Whatever I might have been through, I always had you in my corner, So I knew I’d punch through.   Dear Dad, You always held

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Being Free

Jaibala/ May 25, 2015

When I saw birds that came this way, To be like them I yearned, Knowing they would only stay Until the season turned, The only wish I ever had, Was to spread my wings and fly, Not wanting to look back, As I learned to touch the sky, And when I returned, Weary and tired as could be, Thinking I

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