Book Review: Girl From Fatehpur

Jaibala/ December 18, 2014

The love story of a girl from a small town, living life in a big city, Girl From Fatehpur is a title that tells you what to expect from this cute story by Sarita Verma. ebook, 122 pages Published June 12th 2013 by Indireads ISBN: 1927826187 (ISBN13: 9781927826188) Edition Language: English url: PLOT: When an office colleague proposes to marry Sanjana, a

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Book Review: Heir Of Fire

Jaibala/ December 18, 2014

This is the second book by Sarah J Mass that I have read; Assassins Blade was the other.  Heir Of Fire is the third book in the Throne Of Glass series and Assassins Blade was a prequel. Paperback, 562 pages Published September 11th 2014 by Bloomsbury Childrens (first published September 2nd 2014) original title: Heir of Fire ISBN: 1408839121 (ISBN13: 9781408839126) Edition Language:English Series:

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The Mahabharata Quest: The Alexander Secret – Book Review

Jaibala/ November 22, 2014

Christopher C Doyle brings together History, Mythology and Science in a interesting and compelling story, of The Mahabharata Quest: The Alexander Secret. The title peeked my curiosity, “What could Mahabharata, and Alexander ever have in common, Right?” Incidentally this is again the first book by the author, I am reading. (Makes me think I should have done one of those challenges,

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Slightly Burnt: Book Review

Jaibala/ November 18, 2014

Slightly Burnt by Payal Dhar is a YA novel about teenagers and their problems. At the same time it is not, just a novel and addresses issues that are important and need to be spoken about.   Paperback, First, 196 pages Expected publication: December 1st 2014 by Bloomsbury India ISBN13: 9789384052447 Edition Language: English   PLOT:  Sahil and Komal are best friends,

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Book Review: The Nidhi Kapoor Story

Jaibala/ November 17, 2014

What does a Bollywood Superstar, an ACP in the police department and a Photojournalist have in common? Nothing, unless they are the characters of The Nidhi Kapoor Story, which is so well conceived by Saurabh Garg. Paperback Published November 2014 by Grapevine India Original Title: The Nidhi Kapoor Story ISBN13: 9789381841747 Edition Language: English Setting: Mumbai (India) PLOT: NIdhi Kapoor a

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Book Review: Back In Time

Jaibala/ November 16, 2014

“Back In Time” is the second book of the Tamanna series, and Andaleeb Wajid has done justice to the story of Tamanna that she started in No Time For Goodbyes.   Paperback, 168 pages Published September 5th 2014 by Bloomsbury India ISBN: 9384052930 (ISBN13: 9789384052935) Edition Language: English PLOT: Stuck indefinitely in the 80’s after losing her camera, Tamanna is rather calm. She

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Flames of Paradise: Book Review

Jaibala/ October 21, 2014

When I heard of Flames of Paradise written by Tanjua Shankar Khan, a story with a female protagonist set amidst the terrorism in Kashmir I jumped at the offer to review the book.     Hardcover, First, 128 pages Published July 2014 by Prabhat Prakashan Original Title: Flames Of Paradise ISBN: 8184302851 (ISBN13: 9788184302851) Edition Language: English     PLOT: The novel has in interesting

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God Is A Gamer: Book Review

Jaibala/ October 18, 2014

Well Looks like I am on a streak of reading new authors, they dominate my “To Be Read Pile”.  So God Is A Gamer by Ravi Subramanian is again the first book I am reading by the author, which made for an exciting and quick paced read on the whole.   Paperback, 324 pages Published September 12th 2014 by Penguin Books

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Private India : A Review

Jaibala/ August 24, 2014

A thriller based in India, a collaboration between two authors with their own individual styles of writing – one Ashwin Sanghi and the other James Patterson, a book that is the next installment of the fairly popular private series. With all this backing it up, the expectation from Private India was obviously quite high. ISBN: 1780891725 (ISBN13: 9781780891729) Edition Language: English Series

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Book Review: Meghna by Sundari Venkatraman

Jaibala/ June 30, 2014

Meghna is the third book by author Sundari Venkatraman after Double Jeopardy and The Malhotra Bride. This story comes with a warning “This book has been written only for the purpose of Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment! If you are looking to learn something or improve your lives after reading this work, then this book is not for you. I am not trying to

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Telling The Untold

Jaibala/ June 21, 2014

When the title of a book says that, it will tell the untold story of a big business conglomerate Like the Shahra India Pariwar, it immediately perks up the readers interest. When the said book starts with a disclaimer by the Business it raises expectations further. Sahara: The Untold Story by Tamal Bandyopadhyay, is one such book. Non Fiction Paperback, 412

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