Asus ZenFone2: The New Kid on The Block

Jaibala/ June 25, 2015

With the increasing number of choices in the mobile phone market, it has become increasingly difficult to zero in on a phone. However, after an extensive market research I have zeroed in on Asus Zenfone2 as being among the top contenders. Here are ten reasons why: Being 3.9mm at the thinnest edge, the phone is slim in comparison to others.

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Edelweiss Tokio Life – CritiCare+ : The Right Choice

Jaibala/ June 18, 2015

Now a day’s life has no guarantee. Our life style, the stress, and fast pace and the race to get somewhere are all taking a toll on our health. Also the rising costs of medical care acts as another nail in the coffin. God Forbid you are stricken with a critical Illness that might even hamper your ability to earn

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The Story of A Zuper Zaz Day

Jaibala/ June 15, 2015

I knew the day was going to be different; we had never been for a ‘day out’ just the three of us. What I did not expect was that it would turn out to be so memorable, even the rains could not dampen the excitement. Let me back up for a bit though, the day I am talking about is

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An Appy Friend

Jaibala/ May 17, 2015

Shopping for clothes is a big deal and there are many things to be considered before you shop. You need company; sisters, best friends, moms. That one person who knows your likes and dislikes as much as you do or at least will live through the entire that shopping with you just cause they love you that much. That person

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No Good Deed

Jaibala/ April 20, 2015

Dr. Ravi was very eager to start his day. The people from the top news channel in Hyderabad were coming to interview him. Today he was amongst the leading medical practitioners in Hyderabad and everyone wanted to know his story. And he had a fancy tale to tell the world. He wanted everyone to know about him, and his unusual

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Are You Ready To Do Right?

Jaibala/ April 8, 2015

India is a country with so much potential, and primed for development. With 37% of the world’s population living in India, the path to being the next super power should ideally be easy. We dream of making our country the next superpower and the cities the next New York, Singapore etc. However success in achieving this goal eludes us, and

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Shhhh……Ladies Doctor Inside

Jaibala/ April 2, 2015

The joys of becoming a mother start with the discovery of pregnancy. I thought people these days would be more open in discussing one of the most beautiful phases of life. Also, my expectation was that finding a doctor would be a breeze. But I was so wrong. When I started hunting for gynaecologists in Mumbai, is when I realised

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A Little Ray of Hope

Jaibala/ March 15, 2015

It was one of those days. It had already been a year since I was at home, “doing nothing”. Writing was going nowhere, and attempts to get a job were not succeeding. While the pressure to do something on me mounted, I tried to find escape through writing. I had managed to just open a new document, and spend an

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Together Is Always Better

Jaibala/ March 15, 2015

As a seven year old, I was very happy and proud that day. I had managed to pass my fourth standard exams, and was excited about starting secondary school soon. An added plus was I was going to go to a new school, a place that I had fallen in love with instantly. As I traveled to my grandmother’s house

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Don't Be Afraid Of Change

Jaibala/ March 10, 2015

Here, I was celebrating the marriage of two wonderful and dear friends. Two years, a child and lots of adjustments and compromises had not made mine work. In fact it had gotten worse. It is strange how you see reality in the most unlikely of places, it is strange how the truth hits you when you least expect it. I

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Her Legacy

Jaibala/ January 18, 2015

She kept so many of those books up on the shelf or the loft where they lay undisturbed, and she took care of them and cleaned them as if they hid gold jewels within their pages.  I remember the look on her face every time she saw those books, I remember the pride she felt when she showed me a

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