Cold Steel – Part 1

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Kavay Ilavia usually traveled business class, but on this particular flight from Delhi to Mumbai, he felt like it was the first time he was traveling alone. He had lost everything in a matter of months. Six months back he was the ideal son, and the loyal brother, without a single care. Today, he was the sole living member of his family, and the only heir to all the steel in the world. Today he was amongst the richest men in the world, a place where most people thought he could never have got to on his own, but today he was there alone. “Anahita always said that steel made one feel cold and lonely”, he thought about how right she was. He did not for a moment believe that Anahita and Zar killed in an accident, he was sure there was more to it, from the moment he got Homi Uncle’s call. “Farzan should have been the one that called me, I hope things are alright,” he wondered all along.

“The Pilot is preparing for landing, passengers are requested to fasten their seat belts, close their tray tables, make the seats upright and keep their window shades open,” the announcement brought him back to reality. As the plane landed at Mumbai Airport, Kavay was sure that this would be the moment his life would change forever.

Without any details of what had transpired, Kavay rushed to hospital where he was met by Homi Uncle. Farzan’s absence worried him, he was unaware about the fate that met Anahita and her family – His family.

“Good, you could come so fast. I did not know what to do. I….I Just couldn’t stop them. They are gone, Anahita and Zar just gone” Homi Uncle blabbered. Kavay was trying to make sense, but could not.

“Slow down uncle. What happened? Start from the beginning.”

“Anahita and Zar were hit by a car, while they were coming back home from the park. I was waiting with Farzan at home, when the watchman came running and said that madam and baba were hurt. We got them here but it was late; too late to save them.”

“Okay so where is Farzan?”

“Farzan has been….been in this daze, unable to do anything. They say he is in shock, Mentally unable to do or say anything.”

Kavay spent a hour trying to figure out what had happened, talking to the doctor, nurses anyone he could think of. He finally decided to go see Farzan. As he walked into the room, a nurse was just leaving. Kavay saw Farzan was awake. Kavay felt relief, only Farzan could answer his unanswered questions and he hoped he would get some answers now. He walked in and sat next to Farzan. As soon as Farzan saw Kavay he started blabbering incoherently.

Kavay sighed, “This is going to be harder than what I imagined”, he thought.

“Farzan do you recollect what happened to Anahita and Zar” but no matter how many times he kept asking the question, or in whatever manner Kavay didn’t get any answers.

Kavay finally gave up, he had to make arrangements for the last rites of his sister and nephew. They didn’t keep the bodies for long, negative energy would poison his life they said. He saw the priests preparing the bodies for the final journey, taking them to the Dhakma would be the hardest thing he would ever do. Homi uncle had left to take care of the office and other official statements and he thanked him for all that man had done today.

After the long day, Kavay entered his house, and sat down on the couch. It finally sunk in he had lost everything today. His family was gone in a matter of minutes, the bodies of his sister and nephew serving as food for some savage birds. Kavay was hurt, he did not even get to say good bye, as the paper work had tied him down and eaten his time away. Farzan had been reduced to a shadow of the man he used to be, a man lost without any answers, a man mourning the death of his family. As Kavay thought of Farzan, he wondered, “What was Farzan trying to say? What had really happened to his sister today?” He had to find out and find out soon.

The next day Kavay went to the Police station hoping to find some answers. The Inspector was very prompt and polite while talking to him. “It seems to be a hit and run, and we have not yet found any clue of the driver and the car, ” He said. “We have combed through video footage of all possible CCTV’s and spoken to all possible people, and still no one seems to have seen the car or driver. “ Kavay was tired, he knew the police were doing a thorough job. He would also be there ensuring that they did when he was not checking on Farzan. But the Police could find nothing wrong. Except for the niggling voice in Kavay’s head, it was just another accident that happened on the roads of Mumbai.

The police were efficient but realistic. After two months of investigation, Kavay had to make peace with the situation, unless a miracle happened nothing could tell him what actually happened that day. Kavay realised he would have to move on too. Two months he had spent his energies on this and his business was suffering. His business and he had the Power of Attorney of Farzan’s company too. So when nonew leads came up and there was no change in Farzan condition Kavay finally decided to go back and began taking care of the businesses and base himself in Delhi.

A genre I am attempting for the first time, this is part one of a series. Read Part 2  here.


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  1. Great Post ! Waiting for next part..


    1. Thanks Ananya 🙂

  2. Very intriguing beginning to the series 🙂 Wondering where this is headed, as this seems a complete part 😀 Will we see Detective Kavay in the next part? 🙄

    1. Well you will have to wait till the next part is up. Glad you liked the beginning 🙂

  3. You write a mean tale Jai. Absolutely absolutely loved this one 🙂

    1. Sri Thanks for that. Its super encouraging. Do come back and read the rest, they should be up in a day or two 🙂

  4. Oooh! Fiction on your blog after such a long time. Interesting 🙂
    And ‘ What had really happened to his sister today?” Intriguing …..

    P.S> I really like the theme.

    1. Yay fiction after so long. Wait to find out. I guess I am super excited for this one. Glad you loved the theme 😀

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