Cold Steel – Part 2

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This is Part 2 of a series. You can read Part 1 here .

Kaizeen woke up with a start, and heaved a sigh of relief, “It was just a dream.” The pitter patter of the rains on the window had stopped. She got out of bed careful not to wake up Kavay and she walked slowly to the window and opened it. The breeze immediately carrying to her the scent of the rain soaked earth and the memories of the day that she thought she had left far behind. Her past had lain forgotten in the deep recesses of her mind until they came back to Mumbai. Whatever had happened two years back was just that in the past and no one had any knowledge about it, except her and Farzan. That past was alive in Kaizeen’s dreams every night, ever since they had decided to come back to Mumbai. Kaizeen had no reason to give that would deter Kavay, when he decided to move to Mumbai permanently. He had slowly moved his base to Mumbai over the last two years to be closer to Farzan and take care of both the businesses properly. “I owe it to Farzan, Kai,” He had said, “He lost everything that day, I want him to find whatever is left intact when he gets back.” And now he was getting back, getting better.

While she planned everything even the smaller details, Kaizeen had not planned to fall in love with the target –  Kavay was her target, a target of her plan B. Her plans were ruined for the better when she met Kavay for the first time. He was still hurting, angry, alone and vulnerable. Kaizeen had taken advantage of that initially, until the day Kavay proposed marriage. That was the day she had stopped playing her game, her secret was safe and she had started to live a true life. Kaizeen loved her life, her husband and the promise her future held, if only the past would not be dug up again. Kavay could never know the truth, for the truth would end the life that she had strived so hard for and honestly built. But the news that Farzan was getting better tolled like a knell on her mind. And that stress made her relive every moment that led to the fateful day.

An orphan growing up in Mumbai, Kaizeen had a very hard life – A Life she wanted to run as far away from as possible. Kaizeen studied law and began her career as a corporate lawyer. Her brilliant mind and hard work ensured that she was chosen in a team to work on an important project. That is when Kaizeen met Farzan, the owner of the company for the first time. Farzan was a tycoon in his own right and was related to the Ilavia’s. Farzan, who had a two year old son and a beautiful wife who was the sole heir of the Ilavia fortune. Farzan, who had liked Kaizeen from the beginning and had made no effort to hide it. He made her millions of promises, “We will get married, once she is out of the way. Only you can help me Zee. No one else can be better for me, be my partner for ever in business and life,” he had said.

Kaizeen saw this as an opportunity for her dream of a better life being fulfilled, and her ambitions won over any sanity she had. She was influenced by Farzan, seduced by the promise of a better life, and she gotten involved. Her legal knowledge and intelligence along with her contacts was the main reason they were going to be successful.


They had planned it precisely; Farzan gave her all the details of Anahita’s lifestyle. She asked him, if they should trust anyone, and Farzan always said he trusted no one. She had managed to get a stolen car from one of her acquaintances from the orphanage. The hit was planned and timed exactly right down to the last second. Everything was going according to plan until Farzan went into shock. Stumped for the first time, Kaizeen did not know what to do and she began stalking Kavay under the pretext of work. She kept close to him to hear any news about Farzan. Eventually Kaizeen fell in love with Kavay, unexpectedly. With Farzan lying in a hospital, and no other clues pointing to her, Kaizeen decided to restart her life.

Kaizeen sighed at the memory. All this was a part of a past that no one except her knew about; a past that even she had almost forgotten. She looked outside the window, and suddenly screamed at the figure of a lady and a boy walking toward the house from the park, they looked just like her dreams. Kavay woke up hearing Kaizeen scream. He ran to the window. “There is someone there,” she was saying. He looked in the direction she was pointing at, he saw nothing. He put his arms around her and as she buried her head in his chest he asked her, “What Kai, What did you, see?”  “Your sister and nephew, they are coming here. They are coming to punish me,” she replied out of fear. “Kai they are dead. How can they be here, and why will they want to punish you? They do not even know you.” By then Kaizeen had calmed down considerably. “I really think we should see a doctor now,” he continued.

“No, No doctor. I just need to calm down a bit.” “It’s been going on since the day we came back,” he chided her, “How long do you take to calm down.”  The next day when Kavay took her to the doctor she wasn’t very happy or cooperative, but Kaizeen knew if she wouldn’t go it could break her marriage. The doctor wrote out a prescription and asked Kavay to ensure that she took the pills on time.

Part 3 the concluding part can be read here.


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  1. Like Sid, even I think your build up is going very smoothly 🙂 It feels nice to read your fiction again, Jai. Wondering how this’ll end up, though I have an idea.

  2. Like the build up and how you’re tying up all the ends together.

    1. Thanks Sid. That means a lot. Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint in the end 🙂

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