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Jaibala/ June 26, 2016/ Sponsored

What do you usually do with a pack of toothpaste – not the tube the outer cardboard box that it comes in? Yes all of us generally throw it away. I mean unless you are the queen/king of DIY who uses cardboard boxes to create pieces of craft that replace your regular stuff (like the ones seen on Pintrest) you will have no need to keep the cover of Toothpaste. Unless you buy the Magical Sea World Packs!

When I was approached to do this Social Experiment with Colgate I was very excited, but then most bloggers will be excited about a Brand Association with Colgate. The problem was the video shoot- they were going to film the entire experience and I was not sure I wanted to put S on camera yet. That is what made me turn down this offer twice. But when the same opportunity knocks for the third time, I would have been stupid to turn it down so we agreed to create magical stories with Colgate. And that is how S and I became an integral part of this experiment. The most difficult part of being in this experiment for me were the cameras, but S loved being on camera.

What are these special packs you ask and what about the social experiment? So the experiment was that a few moms and kids were invited to try out these new packs. No we did not have to brush our teeth , that is not what it was about. It was an invitation to let our children imagine and enjoy a world with their magical sea creatures.
Armed with a few magical sea world boxes printed with creatures and other things found in sea and a scissor, S spent a long while quietly. This under normal circumstances would be such a mischief alert, but for this particular experiment it was a really good sign. After a while of being left alone I was greeted with something magically wonderful.

I was taken into a world of treasures, pirates, Mermaid doctors, Big Bad Octopuses, Sharks, Whales and friendly dolphins. And the one introducing me to this world was S. I was hard to imagine that a cardboard box of printable’s led me into a magical world. I was amazed to see S’s imaginative and creative side furiously at work, creating wonderful and magical stories.  A world where he could associate daily and sometimes mundane facts to a whole new perspective. A world that taught him interesting and important aspects without actually teaching him. I had never seen his creativity and imagination at work to this extent before this.


In a day and age where the children spend more screen time, than we would like as parents and gadgets are becoming the go to entertainment for kids, the creative and imaginative development is something that I have worried about. But with initiatives like this, there is no stopping the creative imagination flowing. Handling the scissor helps with developing the fine motor skills.

And playing with this kept him occupied for a long time, which is a difficult task, ask any parent. The biggest bonus is he doesn’t even realise he is learning, picking up little facts as he goes along. Getting him to learn things without turning into a screaming banshee is something I am really grateful for. And you really do not have to spend on expensive toys and more expensive toy libraries. It all comes with your toothpaste. It is satisfying to continue creating magical stories with Colgate and watch the unlocking your child’s imagination every single day.

PS: The team that worked with us on this were really great. S and I both had fun being a part of this

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