Jaibala/ August 20, 2014/ Short Stories

She was morose and after being at it all day her work was still nowhere near completion. Truthfully she hadn’t even begun and the job required precision but hinged on deadlines. One error, one small mistake and it would mean hours of planning and strategising gone to waste.


Impulsive ideas wouldn’t work and the good ones were sparse. She just needed a flash, a moment of true serendipity. With the deadline looming on her head she obviously needed to hurry, but being hurried was not her style.


As she started at blinking cursor on the blank white screen, she wondered what to type. Her editor had been waiting for her story for two days, and she was finding it hard to gather her thoughts. Distractions and chores aside, she was just lacking ideas.


“No use staring at the screen”, she thought and got up to get some coffee. While she waited for the coffee to be warmed in the microwave, she had that ‘spark of inspiration’ she had been waiting for. As she took her coffee mug and got back to her desk, she was upbeat.


She sat down at the desk and her fingers began typing as fast as they could, the sound of each key being tapped being the only sound in the room. All her planning and research was finally coming together in a story. As she continued to type neither the time nor the editor’s demand held any consequence. What mattered was just her in that moment giving words to her thoughts.


An hour later she was done, her story was almost complete. As she put the final full stop, she felt accomplished, just like she did after writing every story. It wasn’t the deadlines that kept her going; it was the thrill, the elation and the joy of having created a life, a world or a moment, the fact that she could express emotions and put down feelings in words. It was her love to write that kept egging her every single time.



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