Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

You I was never scared of,

So I’d always turn to you,

I know you’d never walk away,

When the whole world would do.


Dear Dad,

I don’t know how to fear,

Whatever I might have been through,

I always had you in my corner,

So I knew I’d punch through.


Dear Dad,

You always held me dear,

Right, wrong, pain or fun,

Let me walk on the path,

Knowing the journey’s just begun.


Dear Dad,

All promises you kept,

Every tear you wiped,

All wishes were granted,

All fears you sniped.


Dear Dad,

I love it when you listen,

As I boss you around,

I lean on your shoulder,

And Listen to wisdom sound.


Dear Dad,

My best teacher,

My best friend, that’s you,

My super hero,

One day you will be proud of me too.



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