Dinner and Dessert

Ok, something new I am attempting with this post. This post is cause I promised some awesome people, who are also amongst my favourite people that I will try something different. So this is for Sid, Pixie and Vins, an attempt at something different than what I usually write.

She knew tonight was the night; she had waited for this moment for such a long time. Sia was going to get what she wanted. She waited for Jeet to arrive. She had carefully prepared for the evening. His favourite food and his favourite drink, JD with water and ice and dessert; her eyes had a glint at the thought of dessert.


Dressed casually in a blue jeans and white T shirt Jeet walked up to the door of Sia’s apartment, and rang the bell. He was immediately struck by Sia’s effort to dress up when she opened the door. The black dress going up to the knee, the simple A Line enhancing the curves on her body, slowly drawing attention to her legs. Jeet smiled, the kind of smile that added to the sultriness in his eyes.


Sia was drawn to him immediately, no awkward silences, and no inaction hanging in the air. She poured out his drink, just the way he liked it and offered it to him. Jeet took the drink and pulled her closer to him, as he took a large sip his hand snaked around her waist. “You look ravishing”, he said. Sia smile “Is it now, show me how much?” He did not wait for her to complete the sentence as he closed the gap between them and their lips met. She shuddered in his arms as their tongues played a dance.


Sia broke the kiss, “Let’s have dinner”, she said. “I have a better Idea. Let’s skip dinner,” he replied. Sia made a sullen face, “but I worked so hard at dinner.”  Even with that puppy dog face she made, she was so inviting, even her innocence was a turn on for Jeet. “What an Irony”, he thought. “Just kidding, let’s have dinner”, he replied aloud.


The dinner was full of innuendos and anticipation of what is to come next. Suddenly Jeet started feeling breathless, as he struggled to breathe, Sia got up from her seat in a panic. As it was getting difficult for him to breathe, Sia was beginning to relax and she smiled. “Wh…..aa…..t”, was all Jeet managed to say. His mouth had started frothing at the sides.


“This is what you get for cheating on your wife. You think you can have some fun eh? Well, I don’t like liars and cheaters.”  Sia said casually as she walked away. Jeet could not help but think “how looks could kill.” Sia was pleased; she did get what she wanted. It surely was a good night.


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