Do You Believe….in Fairy Tales?

Dreams – they are born in nothingness and most of them lead to nothing; unless a dream finds its perfect seer, the one person who can make that particular nothing to something substantial. Dreams are just tricks played by your subconscious, until they find the one person who can play the game better. Most people think dreams are unreal, figments of imaginations that veer you away from the rightful path. What people don’t realise is that dreams have the power to change, to set you adrift on a journey, to give you a purpose you may not have had. Dreams are the tools to change lives if you believe.


Our job is not easy, finding that one person amongst so many in whom we can instil belief in their dreams. Got to admit it is hard, but if not us then who, that is the sole purpose behind our creation. The general lack of faith in the world is the reason for our existence; it is also the reason for our anonymity. No one would recognise us and knowing us for who we really are would require you to believe. Yes we exist everywhere and have so many names. Some call us Fairy Godmother, some call us Aslan, some believe we are witches and wizards, and some think of us as angels and pixies.


See, you think I am a part of your fairy tale. So my question to you is, do you dream, and know that your dream can come true? Do you imagine your life for real? Do you believe in Fairy Tales? Do you believe in you?

Writing Fiction after a long long time, and I think it is a bit rusty. What do you think? Also attempting something like this for the first time, a flash fiction piece in First Person POV.








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