Why I Don’t Listen To You!

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Last year on Father’s Day I spoke about my dad.  This year, I was lucky to be able do something special for another awesome dad I know. I am sure most of you have read Sid’s stories about his journey as a stay at home dad. Most of his stories leave a smile on our faces. But if you are anything like me, you might have wondered what his son must be thinking about being his father’s muse and having all of his antics documented. Well, no need to wonder anymore.

Today I bring to you this note from the adorable and much loved little one to his awesome dad. Thank You for letting me do this, Rishi 🙂

Why I don’t listen to you!

– A note to a super cool dad, from the awesome son!

Dear Papa,

Let me share something with you, “I love to drive you crazy“. It adds meaning to my life. Not only does it make me a cool kid amongst my friends, I also get brownie points for my coursework towards “Naughtiness” certification. Now that we have that out in the open, I am going to tell you, why I think you are a super cool dad. This might also explain why I don’t listen to you, sometimes.

First off, I am glad you are there for me – I am happy that I have a super cool dad has broken the norm and stays at home with me. I know there are days that I don’t let you work and I realise that in some years I will not need you to be around as much. However, you were there with me when it matters the most. The sudden illness, the long summer holidays and the occasional sickies by the help gives me more time to be with you and yes! Drive you crazy.

I don’t like it when you discipline me – You and I are partners in crime, so I don’t listen to you when you discipline me. Amma is there for that. But ask me nicely and I will do it with a smile. Can you imagine how it feels to be less than 4 feet tall, having to tip toe all the time for reaching things I need like the TV controls or your laptop. It is frustrating and takes up a lot of my energy and generally kids do get cranky faster than adults. So, bear with me.

You let me get creative – I don’t understand a lot about the kind of work you or Amma do. What I do know is that between you and Amma, you are the creative one. When she exclaims “He will sue you when he reads this”, I know where I get my mischievous traits from. You let me get creative with colours, crayons and food. Together we have watched the re-runs of so many of my favourite movies. When you raise your voice at me, I can only visualise Po’s dad and him doing a belly gong or him telling Po to “roll like a Panda”. How can I keep a straight face and take you seriously?

I have my eye on your MAC/ IPad and everything that is AppleWhen you see me tip toing, near your workstation, you always assume I am trying to scribble on your key board with a pencil or a crayon. Have you ever thought for a second it could be because I am intrigued by the half eaten Apple? Yes, I am talking about your MacBook. ‘Kids these day!’ we know everything. I love technology too. You and Amma ration my time with it, so when I am bored or have a chance to use any of your technology toys, I will try my luck. If you want to protect it, think smarter than me and get ahead of the game.

Give me time and I will learn I will get the hang of standing and sleeping lines and the other kinds of geometrical shapes in due time. For the kind of person Amma is, she is quite cool (most of the times) with school work. I don’t know why you freak out so much. You know I like writing, colouring and that I am smart kid too.  I have heard you and Amma discuss that so many times. For now, just ignore the notes that my class teachers keeps sending you every day. If I knew everything, then why should I be going to school?

On that note, let me wrap up.  My message to you this father’s day and every day is:

“You are an awesome dad, I know you will always be there for me.
Happy Father’s Day. I love you.”

PS: Thanks to Jaibala didi (haha! I know my manners) for featuring me on her blog, so I can wish you a fantastic Father’s Day in your world of blogging.

PPS: For all intents and purposes, apart from subtle references, Amma I have completely ignored you in this post. Come on! It is dad’s special day and he writes cool things about you anyway 🙂


PS: This post is written by Sid’s lovely wife Janaki on behalf of Rishi. When J told me of this Idea, I jumped at it. This was a chance to play a tiny role in celebrating the wonderful father that Sid is. Thank You J for letting me do this, it has been a honour to feature your wonderful writing on the blog.

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