Dreams – Some Shattered, Some Made

Jaibala/ August 1, 2014/ Short Stories

“Due to the recent change in the Reservation policy, which is effective immediately, we have revised the Admission list. Students are requested to check the list again. We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused – Management, Sabarmati Technical Institute.”

The faces of all boys and girls anxious, the future of most of them depending on the list, everyone was scrambling to read it. The list that decided whether they made it or not, after the new extra reservation quota had been announced.




Ajay Iyer, was 18 years of age the son of a Cashier, with the State Bank of India.  He had made his parents proud, when he got 98.89% at the entrance exams. Mr.Iyer knew his son dreamt of being an Electronics engineer and study in the best institute, Sabarmati Technical Institute. Ajay had even secured his seat, but the Government ruling on Reservation on Friday sent their whole world into a tizzy.


The weekend In the Iyer home was spent dreading the worst. Mrs. Iyer went to every the temple in the vicinity and prayed to the Almighty that the ruling does not affect Ajay’s future. Mr. Iyer and Ajay discussed the worst, looking at their options available. They did not have enough money to pay for a management seat, so if it came to the worst scenario, Ajay would have to either give up his subject or give up the college. In either case, he would be giving up his dream.


After looking at the list, he walked up to the clerk and asked, “Please check again Sir, My name was on the list yesterday.”

“Read the notice”, the clerk said, “Today’s list is what applies. Everything else has been scrapped. No name, no seat”


A dejected Ajay walked away, toward his father who was waiting for him. He broke down when he reached his father. The worst had come true. The new list had closed at 99%, making his previous admission null and void. The reduction in the number of seats in his category was the culprit. Ajay cursed the government and its reservation policy. He cursed them for changing it two days before his admission could be finalised. He cursed them for bringing it into effect immediately.


He felt angry looking at the happy faces of those people who had secured admission in spite of getting much lesser marks than him, just the advantage of being in a particular cast. The reserved list closed at 70%. He cursed the reservation politics that the government was playing in its election year. People who did not deserve to study in the college were getting admission and he, who had worked all his life towards being there had to make a choice between the college of his dreams and a subject of his liking. Today was the day his dreams were shattered.




Today was the day, his dreams were made. Vishal Shinde was ecstatic; he had given up all hope to study in the college of his dreams – Sabarmati Technical Institute. His father was 10th pass, working as an office boy in a Government Office. His mother had not completed her basic education. Neither of them could understand nor support his dream of being an engineering student and studying in the best Institute.


He did his best, with whatever he had and gave his all for the entrance test. Coming from a vernacular medium, he found the papers difficult, yet he managed to secure 70%. He was the highest ranked student in his college, an achievement for the neighbourhood vernacular medium high school and junior college. They had never had a student score that much in the entrance tests.


When it came to getting admission though, his score was not good enough for the best. Paying for a management seat was not an option. He had begun to make peace with the situation, and look for other colleges, lesser known ones where he could secure a seat. Then on Friday, the Government gave him hope, by changing the policy. He got excited and went to their local area office to get the required certificates made.


He went alone to the college on Monday with a sliver of hope. As he walked to the list he first saw the cut off 70%, he read his name and cried out in joy. His tears were for achieving something that no one thought possible. He thanked the government policy for giving him, this opportunity. He would never have got a chance to fulfil his dreams had they not brought in the new regulations. He thanked the fact that it was election year.


He went to confirm his admission at the college office. He asked the clerk,”Please confirm if my name is there?”

“Read the notice”, the clerk said, “Today’s list is what applies. Everything else has been scrapped. If your name is there you will get admission.”

He was elated that at 70%, he had secured admission, into the most prestigious college and its most prestigious course, Electronics engineering. All his hard work made his dream a reality, in the end.

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