It was a morning like any other,

A start that held promise,

A plan that needed execution,

An outcome that needed celebration,


They day wore on

And something went wrong,

Plans gone awry,

Disappointment on a high,


One do over is all it takes,

A chance to rectify the mistake,

Another day but still the same,

A shot at trying to make the change,


Another lapse, A misjudged wrong,

Things still remain amiss,

A prospect, a time, a loop is stuck,

Clear confusion, find blunder,


A Change transpires, a vision clears,

Erase and repeat till all is right,

The loop breaks, time gets unstuck,

A mind freed, a heart loved.


open prompt 1st september

This post is written for the Project 365 program at We Post Daily aimed at posting at least once a day, based on the prompts provided. The Open-prompt for today was ‘Have you ever watched “Ground Hog Day”? In that, Bill Murray experienced the same day again and again, stuck in a time loop until he got the day “right”. Now if you were given a choice to repeat a day until you got it right, tell us what would it be? Do you think you’d get it right?’


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