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As a child I never liked milk, I still don’t drink milk unless it is in Ice Cream or milk shakes or added to my Coffee. I knew it would be really hard to have S to drink whole milk, with its goodness without adding flavour and I was so right. He only wanted milk with a certain energy drink added. The problem with the “Health drinks” available in the markets is that they are not really healthy, considering the amount of sugar in them. So what do you do when that is the only way your kid drinks milk, give up? Well no, you take them to the Sipahh MilkBar tp try Flavoured Straws for Milk.


Milk and Bar are not two words that you’d think would go together. Kids and Milk again do not go together. But, when the bar is as cool and awesome as the Sipahh MilkBar, where Mort makes a special appearance, rest assured that Kids will automatically gravitate towards the bar. Have your doubts, Check the pictures:


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We spent 2 hours having Fun at the MilkBar, yes two whole hours at the UpperCrust food Festival in Mumbai. Ignoring everything else. That is how awesome it was.


What is Sipahh?

Sipahh is basically Flavoured Straws for milk. This is the idea of a Dad from Australia called Peter Baron, who was tired (like most parents are) of the flavour agents and health drinks masking all the inherent goodness of milk. So he found a way to make drinking milk fun and enjoyable for kids and at the same time. Thus was born Sipahh – the cool and awesome – Straweome – Milk Flavouring Straws.

Why Sipahh?

  • Each time you have to give your kid milk, just take a straw. Each straw is good for one time consumption, portion controlled with less than half a teaspoon of sugar, makes for a great reason to switch to Sipahh. Helps you enjoy more wholesome milk
  • You actually do not add anything to the milk, so the milk nutrition remains 100% intact
  • Forget the fuss kids make while drinking milk. If S is reaction is anything to go by, kids will line up asking for milk even before you tell them to have milk
  • Food allergies will not stop anyone from enjoying these straws. Sipahh is equally delicious with rice milk, soy milk and other dairy alternatives


So Many Flavours

13 exciting and interesting Falvours. How do I know, they exciting and interesting? S had 8 flavours in the two hours he spent at the MilkBar. And, I have tried them too and have loved them, I even have favourite flavours.

The chilled out Choc-Mint is my favourite with the Hello Marshmallow running a close second. S loves all of them, having tried every flavour. The rest of the flavours available are Coco-Bean Chocolate, Luscious Strawberry, Mellow-Yellow Banana Smoothie, Okey Dokey Cookies & Cream, Velvet Vanilla, Mango Smoothie, Raspberry Fields, Lamington Dream (Black Forrest), Fruit Salad Swirl and Sunset Choc Orange ,

Availabile Easily

The Sippah Flavoured straws for milk are available easily everywhere especially at your nearest supermarket. You find going to the store a big task, well then order some online from Big Basket and Amazon



The twelve flavours are available in a variety of combination at different affordable price points.

5pack: Rs 80

10pack: Rs 150

25 pack: Rs 350

40pack: Rs 520

50pack: Rs 700



Still need convincing, look at the awesome packaging of the 50 straws pack. It cannot get cuter than this!


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Isn’t this just so cute!


And a picture of S enjoying his daily morning milk glass, with chocolate flavour.

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S Loves his milk

Sipahh, is your answer to all your questions about making your child drink milk.


PS: This is a sponsored post. All my opinions are honest and Unbiased.



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