Jaibala/ May 7, 2014/ Poetry

You hold my hand,

You take me through,

You smile when I am happy,

Are sad when I am too.



You are an Instant pick me up,

You’d never let me down,

If I lose my smile, I get yours,

And happy memories you’d create.



You know I ‘d walk alone on my path,

But you wont take chances that I may lose my way,

With no time to rest and places to go,

I’d trudge thousand miles with you at my side.



You are one of my biggest weakness,

My strength, my hope, my faith,

My pride, my sanity, my light all is you,

The realization of my dreams too.



No lover may be as true as you,

No kin can be as kindred,

You are my family not by blood,

You my dear are My Friend.

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