Saurabh had to write an essay on Happiness. He had no Idea what to write, so he decided to collect information from people around him.

He first went to his mother and asked her, “Ma what is happiness?”  His mother said, ” Happiness is not being taken for granted and getting your due and some time for yourself.”

He went to his father and his father said, ” Happiness is being able to get home to spend some time with your family and watch your favorite team play on TV.”

He went to Vikram his elder brother, ” Happiness is not having a younger brother who tags along with you wherever you go, and yes having no rules.”

His best friend Krish said, “Happiness is spending all day playing cricket with you and not having to go to school and do homework.”

He asked many people and got different responses, no two responses being the same. He was confused for a while as he did not have one definition for happiness.

Finally Saurabh wrote, ” Happiness has different meanings for different people, for someone it is  spending time alone, for someone it is  being with others. For someone it is  work, for someone it is play. For someone it is  having rules, for someone it is breaking them. No wonder everyone is so confused and no one is happy. To be happy people have to realize that it does not mean one thing or there are no particular set of rules and achievements. You just have to find what applies to you and then make yourself happy”


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