Have a little Faith

James struggled, all of two years old, he was suffering, and he was coughing up blood now and had a high fever. It was against the faith of his parents, Catherine and Jeremy to vaccinate; it was also against their God to medicate.


Susan could not hear the cries of the wailing baby any longer. She thought she should go and try to talk to Catherine. She was a mother after all. “How can Catherine tolerate what was happening to her son?” she wondered. Susan rang the door bell and waited. Catherine answered the door. “How is the Kid?” Susan asked. “He has gotten worse, has 105 F Fever,” Catherine answered.


The doorbell rang, Catherine answered the door again. It was the Minister Jeremy walked past both the ladies and greeted the Minister. “Don’t worry Jeremy, The Lord will heal your Son. He will not forsake his creation.” Catherine and Jeremy both said “Amen”. As Jeremy  led the Minister to James’s room Susan asked Catherine “When are you going to call the doctor. Faith yes, you have faith and pray, but you need to know what is wrong with James and only a doctor can help.”


Catherine looked at Susan and said “The Lord created him, Only He can save my son, nothing the fake medicines and doctors can do. They can’t heal. You may now leave. We only need positive energies in the house” Susan knew it was going to be difficult to persuade the parents, and if she did not act now that poor child would lose his life. She walked out of the house, took out her phone and dialled 911.  She reported this as a case of Child Negligence and asked that a doctor be on hand.


Within five minutes the Cops landed on the door step. Everything happened really quickly, the doctor and nurse took charge of the baby and the parents taken into custody. The Inspector thanked Susan for her timely call, “You might have just saved a little life. The Doctor says, any further delay in medical attention would have been a cause for sure death.” Catherine asked to be allowed to talk to Susan alone. She said, “Thank You.”


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