How Do You Make People Feel?

Jaibala/ July 11, 2015/ Musings/ 10 comments

Maya Angelou was an inspiration. She was a woman whose vision was far ahead of the people around her and was one of the most influential voices of our times. Her words have been inspiration, strength, and direction for so many. I never met her, but she still inspires me. That is the power of words and how they make you feel.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou

When I think about S, my Grandmother or the people really close to me, the the first thing that comes to mind is how happy I feel. That feeling, a sense of indescribable joy and love, warmth and Strength.

I think if people remember the feeling more than words or actions, then what we say and do, must reflect how we want them to feel. Also if we are pretentious, then they would know. The feeling just wouldn’t be the same. I guess that is how we spot fake people from the real ones. The mockery is evident in their mannerisms, as is the sincerity.

So I shall just be me. An earnest and genuine person will be more successful in forging lifelong relationships than a person who is a phony.

PS: This is day two of the three day quote challenge. I have been tagged by Vinay who has a brilliant blog called I Rhyme Without Reason. The rules are simple share a quote you love for three consecutive days.

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  1. I love this quote and so many of Maya Angelou’s quotes. It is so completely true as our own experiences have taught us.

    1. Maya Angelou was brilliant and will continue to inspire generations to come.

  2. Another one that makes perfect sense. The feeling stays with us even though we often cannot remember exactly what it was that made us feel that way. Great pick Jaibala.

    1. Thanks. It is the feeling that makes us love or hate (and all the emotions in between) a person.

  3. Superb quote, Jai! Loved it.

  4. Angelou speaks true. I know it so. I’ve not forgotten how some people made me feel, and also, how I made some people feel and they’ve not forgotten it yet either.

    1. The feeling is what we carry with us forever.

  5. Maya Angelou is my inspiration too. it is amazing how that frail woman commanded the attention of the world. What a powerful voice she had! May she RIP.

    Loved this Jai!

    1. She did have a powerful voice and a very intelligent one too. I am so glad you loved this Dagny 🙂

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