INSEARCH: The Pathway To UTS

Living in Australia has always been my dream. In 9th standard I remember making plans to study in Sydney because from all the things I heard, it has so much to offer. So many possibilities and new experiences. I told people after my 10th prelims that I was moving to Australia. However, that plan never got fulfilled. What I regret most is the lack of preparation; I was never ready for college life outside Mumbai. I did not know what to expect from Sydney as a city and its student life. Also the way my college life turned out I don’t think I was prepared for college life in general. Sometimes when I think of those days I ask myself, “Could I have been better prepared?”

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Lack of preparation is what plagues most of the students wanting to study abroad.  But imagine a scenario in which while researching about studying in Australia, you chance upon the website of UTS:INSEARCH. Curious, you click on the link and the information that you see is extremely interesting.  It introduces you to A Pathway – something that could give you a base and all the preparation necessary to get into a larger institution or college. It also makes you ready for campus life in a college abroad, in this case Sydney, Australia. Now won’t that make you excited?

With Pathway institutes, you can get extra support network, smaller classes and more interactions with your teachers as it prepares you with skills you need, to succeed at the larger university. Who would not want that?

UTS: INSEARCH is a way into Australia’s most innovative and number one young university – The University of Technology Sydney. You can complete first year with them before moving onto second year of your UTS degree. Yes! They prepare you for a direct entry to 2nd Year of Degree College at UTS. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

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I think this is exactly what I needed then. It makes everything about studying abroad so easy. Moreover, their UTS Insiders program lets you see student life, read student stories and watch the Insiders share their life in Sydney before you experience it yourself. You can even interact with the ambassadors and ask them questions about their experiences on Instagram. You can also ask them about the necessary requirements to make it through the year at UTS:INSEARCH . Sounds too good to be true? I thought so too at first. But I came across some student stories and videos on Instagram through which I learnt all about their journey to UTS:INSEARCH and the benefits they have reaped out of this pathway. Here is an introductory video of all the UTS Insiders –

So basically, the pathways are theatrical trailers to the full length feature films. I believe that it is a good thing because trailers always let you know what to expect from a movie. And UTS:INSEARCH does more than just giving you a trailer; it gives you a slice of that life.

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I now wish I had access to an avenue like this when I was deciding how to complete my education in Australia. So I will just go in my imaginary world and live vicariously through the lives of the UTS Insiders.

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