What I Learned on My Fitness Journey

Jaibala/ September 1, 2016/ Musings

Most of you know when I began this year I began with a vision that would encapsulate the word “Free”. So I had about ten major life goals listed and getting healthy and fit was one of them. Mind you it was not a specific weight loss goal, but yes once you show your body how much you care for it, it loves you right back and magic like weight loss begins to happen.

Now don’t worry I am not going to write a fitness and diet related post. I don’t think I am equipped enough to do that. Loving to exercise and knowing about it are two different things.  What I want to tell you guys is a few things that no one else will tell you about this journey. After doing this for three months every single day I have realised there are so many things people don’t tell you about getting fit and losing weight. So these are my learning’s


It has become a hard habit to break

Yes, for me exercising is a habit that I just cannot break. It has just become such an important part of my schedule that the day begins to feel incomplete without it.


It is a very emotional process

Even though weight loss is not my goal, exercising in any form everyday tests your patience, will power and endurance. Some days I doubt myself, some days its just fun but it gives me a high that nothing else can and is a part of your life even subconsciously.


I have lost more than just weight

Yeah! Sad part of the process is that you will lose a whole lot more. Getting on a fitness regime I realised, is a great way to find out how much people really like you. The ones that do really support me however they can, even if it is just a kind word. But the ones that don’t well let’s just say there will be bloodbath as envy, jealousy and even contempt come to the fore.


People will be judgemental

I mean it is obvious. Being judgemental pricks is most of India’s favourite pastime. So why should this be any different! Not that I had expected most people to appreciate the effort that goes into leading this lifestyle. Just remember you do not need to give anyone an explanation for anything.


Remember it is not a competition with anyone else

Whatever my fitness goal is, it is mine and not a competition with anyone as to who has the best goals. It is an effort I make everyday to be better at something than the previous day.


The wall of my gym, like any other has these motivational quotes on them. My favourite is this “If it doesn’t challenge you then it doesn’t change you”.  Challenges are important to grow and to change. And Change is a big part of everyone’s life.

So this is post also begins a journey 8 posts long to better the Alexa rank of my blog. Right now the Global rank is at 362740 and the India Rank is 36780. I am hoping to get the Global Rank down to somewhere around 100,000 or better.

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