Life Goes On

Robert Frost is among my favourite poets of the last century. His poems though written decades back, are so relevant even today. Today’s quote comes from him.

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”

Robert Frost

“Life goes on”, the ultimate reality we all have to deal with. Whatever, you have been through whatever your loss, life does not stop. Time and tide wait for none, right. Then why should life stop because you have. Nothing and no one is indispensible in the larger picture.

There are many times in life we face choices. Sometimes they are yes choices and sometimes the choices say no. And life does not stop whatever we choose. Time never stops.

So whenever faced with a loss, a setback or a failure learn, reflect and move forward. At the same time, whenever we are immensely happy, successful or get promoted, remember that things will change. Life won’t stop at the happy moments either, so we need to enjoy, reflect, learn and move on along with life.

PS: This is the final of the three day quote challenge. I have been tagged by Vinay who has a brilliant blog called I Rhyme Without Reason. The rules are simple share a quote you love for three consecutive days.

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